The casino’s going well again

The casino’s going well again

He wore jeans, leather jacket and hat as always. But that he was not pure. As helped also no celebrities bonus. Udo Lindenberg, so goes the Fama, was apparently separated from his trademark Homburg in Bad casino under any circumstances. About a nonexistent jacket you see here might already away, helps to make out with a tie, but hat? So slouch, no, goes not to the unholy, but the tradition of committed, historic halls of gambling in the park.

Lutz Mountain leg, today’s CEO of the house, you can not ask for veracity of such stories. “Here runs much prominence of art, culture, sports and business, but we live of our discretion,” he says clearly and firmly. No Paparazzi no “image”. As a serious journalist to be ashamed of a little, because you have dared to ask for glitz and glamor.

In recent decades, celebrities and Stars showed much more open: Nadja Tiller, Cornelia Froboess, Curd J├╝rgens, Walter Giller, Ernst Stankovski or Ivan Rebroff still perpetuated quite openly in the guestbook of the house and were photographed at the gaming tables like. Just like the American swimmer Mark Spitz or the Polish president Lech Walesa.

Fyodor Dostoevsky helped almost 150 years ago its ruinous casino visits in Homburg (then still lacked the words “Bad”), Wiesbaden and Baden-Baden to Literary Fame, because he held it in his novel “The Gambler” fixed. Of course, the three spa towns argue today to this fame, especially since the writer diplomatically speaks of a fictitious Roulettenburg. “Homburg” is also called, drum have subtle literary historian doubts that Roulettenburg Bad Homburg could be meant. But if one considers the circumstances in which Dostoevsky wrote the novel, one can neglect These kinds deviation well. In desperate letters to his wife Dostoevsky Homburg has mentioned repeatedly raved about the spa gardens, but complained about his bad luck in roulette. When he finally broke his publisher put him under pressure: In only four weeks, it should provide a new novel, otherwise fell all rights of his books to the clever publisher. The “player” he dictated his young stenographer at top speed of only 24 days, in order to avert its final bankruptcy again.

When he was in 1870 for the third time in Homburg guest, he lived only a few meters from the spa park and casino located in the Hotel du Parc. For a half guilders a day he was staying there in the room 10. The building at the corner of Schwedenpfad and Elizabeth Street still stands today, an inconspicuous plaque commemorates the stay of the writer. 1863 and 1867 he lived among other things, at the Hotel Victoria in Louis Street, where today the department store Karstadt stands.