Tennis exercises

Tennis exercises

Posted on June 14, 2024 by in Tennis

Tennis is recognized as one of the most popular sports on the planet. The last final tournament like Wimbledon or Australia Open were seen by about 80 million people around the world.

However, not long ago, especially in Australia and the UK, the popularity of the sport was in the doldrums.

“In mid-2005, the great tennis associations allocated share of the profits of the big tournaments to investigate new ways to expand the game,” said Ted Murray, one of the initiators of Cardio Tennis.

How to get fit without making a single movement

¿ Cardio tennis ? That was the “saving” idea that emerged from these workshops:

“It was there that he decided to create a discipline that combines various things like teach the basics of the sport that people enjoy themselves and also add a physical activity,” he said.

So the Cardio Tennis, a version was created fitness -called white sport that has become a trend of sports in recent years.

And something basic: the idea of burning more calories in an hour of play than in a normal game.

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The idea is to move while learning some technique sport.

” Cardio Tennis is a program of high – intensity exercise that incorporates tennis in calisthenics, running, fitness and fast – paced music , ” he told BBC Martin Rieder, instructor of Cardio Tennis in Spain.

According to the page, there are about 1.2 million fans of this discipline around the world.

red balls and oranges

Let’s briefly look the rules of this aerobic tennis.

In a court six people who are guided by an instructor cited . The first step, at the beginning of music, is to make a delicate heating process.

Then it passed to the session of intensive training, which can take 30 to 50 minutes.

“The second phase is 45 minutes of cardiovascular training, including team games and exercises similar to volleyball, with right and setbacks,” he explained in portal.

But the balls are not the usual. Sometimes they are yellow we’ve seen in professional matches, but others of different colors or sizes are also used.

According to several instructors in a session of 60 minutes of Cardio Tennis can burn 800 calories.

” We must clarify that we are not trying to get professional tennis players , but to make people have fun while doing an exercise that serves to get fit.”

The practice ends with a cooling session where breathing is resumed and several stretching exercises are done.


“The first benefit is that you have fun and are in the company of others,” explains Martin Rieder.

The main idea of Cardio Tennis is exercise, so the benefits are seen in the physical state of the people who practice it.

“I think the most important is the dynamics of the exercises: run, jump, move your arms straight short intervals intense recovery periods that allow an excellent cardiovascular work.”

“It’s fun and very effective: with 60 minutes of Cardio Tennis can burn up to 800 calories , “

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