Ten Conference Tournament

Ten Conference Tournament

The 2018 Big Ten Conference Tournament to be hosted at Madison Square Garden

Madison Square Garden is trying to make all ends meet as it prepares to host the Big Ten Conference in 2018. According to Jim Delany the commissioner to Big Ten, the progress of the scheme is purposed for the introduction of the media markets in the East Coast.

Madison Square Garden is to host the basketball event for the Big Ten Conference in 2018. However, this has yet to be confirmed as this Tuesday an official statement will be made. However, it has been confirmed that the Square will host the Big East Tournament which comes a week after the Big Ten Tournament. At the same time, the Big Ten title battle will be staged on Sunday which will be exactly 7 days before the Selection Sunday. As it has been a tradition, the Big East Tournament will stick to its usual date of the night of Saturday with the Selection Sunday following the next day.

There are several new faces in the current year’s Big Ten Tournament. Among them, Rutgers and Maryland will appear in the event for their first time in history. Commissioner Jim Delany claims that the existence of the I-95 corridor plays a major role to the event for it will open up in broad the prosperous upcoming of the tournament. This can be seen as an extra effort by Delany who has been on the forefront in bringing a new looking to New York.

The hosting of the 2018 event in New York will make the city the heartbeat of the college basketball game in a span of a week. It will be a two year event of the ACC Tournament which will take place at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn in the 2017 and 2018 seasons. There is a tight schedule where it would start with a week of Big Ten Tournament with the Selection Sunday coming in thereafter. This will be accompanied by the Big East Tournaments and the ACC on their respective selections. In essence, New York will be a den for sports.

One disadvantage of the event is that it will bring a big gap between there will be a free 11 days without actions following the conclusion of the final Big Ten Tournament game as the start of the NCAA tournament awaits.

Next year, Chicago hosts the Big Ten Tournament, while Indianapolis hosts the event in 2016 and in 2017 the event goes down in Washington D.C.