Techno tumble slot review

Techno tumble slot review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
Techno tumble slot review

Habanero is trying something else with Techno Tumble. It is a game with somewhat of a Sci-Fi feel to it which is pinball-enlivened and utilizing genuine material physics while additionally removing the requirement for the standard reels. Obviously, it is not a standard slot machine.

You are not getting reels here only a game territory into which the pinballs will tumble and afterward settle down in piles. 15 to 45 symbols can show up and involve the game zone. The pinballs which are associated with one another will be the ones forming wins in a Cluster Pays-like way. The game’s RTP is going to arrive at 96.73% at most Habanero online casinos with both lower and higher choices available for casinos to utilize. Anticipate a game with high volatility, however one which can likewise deliver excellent payouts of up to 13,080x the stake in a single spin. Regardless of it is increasing multipliers, free spins or scatters you discover enough of the all the more interesting features inside and the slot continues being enjoyable.

Betting and Prizes

Any bets that you might be placing in Techno Tumble will depend on the utilization of 25 coins and afterward will permit you to pick the sum going to every one of these lines/coins. A minimum wager of $0.25 is a starting point, yet the game lets you spend extensively more, as long as you can bear the cost of it.

A top jackpot of 13,080x the stake is the most noteworthy that the game will go when conveying wins through its groups and multipliers. It is an excellent jackpot, yet one which likewise signals something that is to be expected the high volatility of Techno Tumble

You are looking at a game which has a 96.73% RTP regularly, however the settings that the casino can use start from 92.06% to 98.05%. Better check what the RTP is set to before you begin playing this game at your preferred online casino.

Techno Tumble Slot Features

Something that the developer of Techno Tumble is pleased with, the physics system that is actualized in this game will permit the pinball-like symbols to descend and settle in the game territory all in a characteristic way. These pinballs have various sizes also, which assists with the irregular formation. They are not going to form up on normal reels and lines of symbols. Rather, they fall into a pit of sorts with a bump in the center and they form pay groups when similar kind are connected.

When you get at least one pay group there will course adjusts that follow with new symbols to replace the ones involved with the win. Increasing the multipliers apply by then.

The other phenomenal feature will include the free spins which  trigger here by means of at least 3 scatters, same as wherever else. You can get 8 rounds for the first 3 scatters and 4 extra for each other scatter in addition.

Theme and Design

As it has been said, it is a pinball motivated game so the graphics of this one does not go far. There is that pit into which the symbols are dropping, fairly motivated by the pinball machine. The balls are shaded in blue, red, orange, pink or green and they can be simple or with symbols on them. It is unquestionably a strange plan, yet I would think of it mostly average looking, it is not something to be excited about.


Techno Tumble will give the player an exceptionally interesting new gameplay type, yet it likewise accompanies high volatility and that prescribes it just to players with a touch of understanding and acknowledgment of the dangers involved.

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