Techniques and Variation Used in the Game

Techniques and Variation Used in the Game

Basketball is the sport played on the rectangular court which as basket at the two ends of the court. The basketball is played between two teams each team as five players. To score points, the players must shoot the ball to the basket. The winning team is decided based on the number of point is scored within a time limit. The players play in the rectangular court and make a goal by shooting the ball into the basket. The five players are chosen for each team based on their strategy. The first player is known as point guard who is fastest player among the team and control the ball. The second player is called as shooting guard mainly long ranged player and guards the opponents. The third player is called as small forward plays actively and score points. The fourth player s called as power forward often plays with their back to the basket. The fifth player is called as centre uses height and size to score the points and also protect the ball from the opponent team.

The equipment used to play the game is basketball ball, basketball count and basketball basket. The basketball ball is spherical in shape. The basketball ball is made up of rubber bladed a wrapped in the layers of fiber. It is either covered with leather, rubber or synthetic material. There are many basketballs manufacturing company they are Spalding, molten, Wilson, Rawling and Nike. Splading is the first manufacturing company to produce basketball ball. The basketball court is rectangular court made up of tiles at the end. In the professionally organized basketball game that is played in indoor is officially made up of wood or maple. Playing basketball in outdoors the court is designed to concrete. The shape of the court is different and the color of the court also varies. The section of the basketball is center circle, three point line, perimeter, low post area, key, restricted area, etc. The basketball basket is vertical board where a basket is attached. It is made up of Plexiglas material and flat. A backboard is attached to the basket.

The basketball is played in many areas both indoor and outdoor. The outdoor basketball is played under water, beach, street, etc. The physically challenged people can also play basketball in a wheelchair and this is called as wheelchair basketball. Water basketball is played in swimming pool with water polo rules. Beach basketball is played on beach with circular court. The beach basketball is popular and widely spreader. Street basketball is played on the play ground. Unicycle basketball is played as per the rules on the regular basketball court. The common technique used in playing basketball is shooting, rebounding, passing, dribbling and blocking. The illegal act of the player to the opposite team is the personal foul. The player who is not following the rules and regulation of the game is given a technical foul. Fantasy basketball was introduced to be played via internet. The people playing fantasy basketball knows the basketball strategy and is popular among people. These games are introduced in all sports website and played via internet. Basketball thus becomes popular among people around the world.

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