Teams NBA Miami Heat

Teams NBA Miami Heat

Teams NBA Miami Heat hosted the team and the Toronto Raptors lost by 94: 108th With 21 points was the best hosts Dwyane Wade, Goran Dragic contributed 18 points, five assists and two rebounds, Beno Udrih had five points, three rebounds and two assists.

Goran Dragic – 1

Miami against Toronto in the third quarter led to eleven points, but they’ll end up surprised and won. Demaret DeRozan has scored 30 points, Kyle Lowry added by 21, the mood could have been even Luis Scola with 20, Terrence Ross with 17 and James Johnson with 13 points. Raptors in the second part of the game Miami outplayed by 58:39. In Miami jersey was Goran Dragic with 18 points, the third scorer of the team. More are 21 and 20 contributed only Wade and Gerald Green, Hassan Whiteside has ended the match with 13 caught balls. It also made the game Saša Vujacic New York Knicks and away from the Philadelphia 76ers won by 107: 97th Vujacic in the first seven minutes, not grabbed a goal, but no one struck the ball. Arron Afflalo is for their little contributed 22 points and caught seven balls reflected, Derrick Williams is the third consecutive victory added 17 points off the bench. For Philadelphia’s Tony wrote reached a record season and contributed 15 points and Isaiah Canaan added by 14th

Derrick Rose

With four extensions of the spectators saw the match in Chicago. Bulls had nevertheless home to recognize the superiority of the Detroit Pistons 144: 147th For the winners Andre Drummond contributed 33 points and 21 caught balls, Reggie Jackson added 31 points. Detroit turned the match in their favor in the fourth OT when he made a significant difference to the series 7-0. The jersey of Chicago’s Jimmy Butler scored a career record as he collected 43 points and Derrick Rose contributed a record season in the form of 34 points, Pau Gasol added 30 points and caught 15 balls deducted. In the remaining matches are Phoenix Suns 104: 88 defeated the New Orleans Pelicans, Indiana Pacers were 104: 97 better than the Brooklyn Nets, Orlando Magic are the Portland Trail Blazers ugnali 102: 94 Boston Celtics are against the Atlanta Hawks lost by 101 : 109th Minnesota Timberwolves defeated the Sacramento Kings with 99:95, San Antonio Spurs were from the Los Angeles Clippers improved to 115: 107, Golden State Warriors Milwaukee Bucks from the right or to 121: 112, but the two games are finished equal outcomes 97:88 – Dallas Mavericks were better than the Memphis Grizzlies, Utah Jazz while the Denver Nuggets. Outcome: Phoenix Suns – New Orleans Pelicans 104: 88 Indiana Pacers – Brooklyn Nets 104: 97 Orlando Magic – Portland Trail Blazers 102: 94 Philadelphia 76ers – New York Knicks 97: 107 Boston Celtics – Atlanta Hawks 101: 109 Miami Heat – Toronto Raptors 94: 108 Chicago Bulls – Detroit Pistons 144: 147 (4 extensions) Minnesota Timberwolves – Sacramento Kings 99:95 San Antonio Spurs – Los Angeles Clippers 115: 107 Dallas Mavericks – Memphis Grizzlies 97:88 Utah Jazz – Denver Nuggets 97:88 Golden State Warriors – Milwaukee Bucks 121: 112