Sydney Thunder vs Hobart Hurricanes Betting Review

Sydney Thunder vs Hobart Hurricanes Betting Review

It would be the 43rd match for the Big Bash League. All the partners are creating more excitement than the initial games of the league. Moreover, it is not easy to perform under the pressure of the opposition side. We also know that the top 4 teams will have to take place for the next round. In the start of the series, the Hobart Hurricanes were doing well in the start games but now fell into more and more defeats. Now, they do not have an option to lose any other games. All the players need to work hard to go into the next round.

If we look into the Sydney Thunder’s side, then it is almost transparent that the side has secured the place into the final four. However, they need to get more momentum before to go to big matches. All the viewers taking the side of SYT would not like to see the loser in any game. There is a considerable gap between the performances of the contender’s. I am going to leave real detail for the two sides to assist the better.

Head to Head

According to the point table of Big Bash League 2020-2021, the Sydney Thunder has more points on the table than the opposition. Hobart Hurricanes have to win all the remaining if they want to get any chance to enter the big incoming round. You can say that the SYT has a well previous record.

Betting Odds & Tips

After knowing all the description of both sides, you must compare the performance of playing XI in the home grounds and away from home. You must check the analysis before to make any bet on the required side. We have seen that most of the time, prominent players failed in a big game.

Key Performances

As we told early in the start of the content, the Sydney played six matches at the same ground of this match, they succeeded to win in 4 ones and faced defeat in 2. On the other hands, Ben Cutting is one of the best players on the side. He can pick for betting in coming games. In the last four games, Sydney Thunder only loosed in 1 game.

The experts are also surprised by watching the current situation of the points. They checked that the SYT recovered very well in the last six games. Now, the side fixed its second position on the table. They almost assure its place in the 2nd round of the league. I think the Hobart Hurricanes need to know the past faults in all the department of cricket.


You have read all the review of the players as well as the team. It is straightforward to announce that the Sydney Sixer will get more precious points. All the data have taken from a reliable and official source. If you still have any problem in the prediction, then you can go to any other spot. But, there will be not any contradiction between these bettings and the Unibet’s also. At last, we are not entirely sure that our prediction will always prove right.