Sydney Thunder vs. Adelaide Strikers, 51st Match Betting Review

Sydney Thunder vs. Adelaide Strikers, 51st Match Betting Review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Cricket
Sydney Thunder vs. Adelaide Strikers, 51st Match Betting Review

It would be the 51st match of the Big Bash League. All the teams are hunger to get the spot in the playoffs. Now, no one has any chance to do any fault in the coming games. On the other hand, both the sides have consisted of strong playing XI. Before declaring the best teams, you must have information about all the players and couples also. Moreover, do not forget to see the point table of all the sections. One thing to consider is that both the teams still have a chance to qualify for the next round.


At the start, I would like to introduce the latest detail of Sydney Thunder.  The side failed to stop the opposition team in 3 back-back games but picked a handsome victory in the last round. We have seen that the team put the 232 runs on the board. Where Alex Hales posted 110 runs from just 56 balls. That was the incredible performance of many players in the league. All the bowlers succeeded in overcoming the team. Finally, the playing 11 of Alex Hales won the game by 56 runs.

Sydney Thunder picked 27 points on the table and still have 32 games. One of the better things for the team that all the remaining games are at the same venue. It means that they have a prominent chance to join the knockout stage.

Our review will empty before to discuss the Adelaide Striker side. In the last four games of the league, they balance the point by winning two games and lost in the same figures. On the other hand, the playing XI has won 4 matches from the six games. Most of the things remained the same for the two sides. In the last contest versus the Brisbane Heat, Alex Carey, the team’s skipper, posted a fantastic hundred?

If we check the team’s bowling, the entire squad loosed the ground on just 115 runs. That was an incredible victory for the home supporters. The 48 runs victory enhanced the confidence of players as well as the management.

Head to Head

In the last six matches of the Big Bash League 2020-2021, the Adelaide striker remained undefeated in 4 games whereas faced defeat in 2 ones. On the other hand, Sydney Thunder loosed three games as a consecutive but bounced back very well in the last match. We have that the contest will create some thunder on the playing day.

Betting Tips

No doubt, the AD has a decent record in the latest contest, but we cannot forget the Sydney Thunder team’s newest result, where they posted 232 runs on the board. Most of the blast players have added to the playing XI. I am still on the side of Sydney Thunder rather than the AD.

Who Will Win?

Sydney Thunder will be the winner of the match. I have checked all the ratings and concluded the same result. One thing takes into account that a single player can change the complete scenario of the game.


The facts and figures showed the best performance of AD and ST also. After reviewing all the detail, I have to announce the winner of the day that is ST. Both the department of cricket started to race now. Moreover, it would be an exciting contest rather than all the others. However, the home side also has the own ground advantage, which is a well-known fact for him.

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