Survivor Megaways Casino Game Review

Survivor Megaways Casino Game Review

Survivor Megaways Casino game is the best product of BTG which is made for the gambler to provide them the best environment. It is scheduled to release in April 2020. The Review of the slot has consisted of reels, pay-lines, multipliers, betting range and payout to leave some pure impression in the market of casino versus the other makers of the casino. The developers tried their best to add the new features and functions but they failed to do it. Here is the detail of the symbols, regulars’ options and wilds.

Survivor Megaways Casino game can be played online to gain the users of casino in the market. Online Betting liked by the newbies and enjoyed it at home by installing the application and software for it.

Functions in the Slot

There are 6 reels in the slot among the 100,842 pay-lines to cover the area of the game with the other symbols also. Some of the reels behaved differently as we have been seen in the past games of the same developers. The volatility and RTP are in favor of the users because of the impressive amounting but not too high also. The mega jackpot in the form of stacks is up to the 44,000x would be enough to gain the attraction of the gamblers of the casino. The free spins, mini free games and multipliers caused to increase the validity from the gamblers of the casino.

Betting Range and Payout

Do not pick that amount of bet which is out of your range because it will spoil your deposit for gambling. The reliable range for betting started from the only $0.20 to the $20 to make the combinations and fill the empty area of the slot. While on the next side of the game, you can win a mega jackpot of 44,000x the stacks which is a big payout from the BTG makers. The volatility of the product and RTP which is more than 96% will help you in the time of trouble when you loosed the heat at a critical time of the gameplay.

How to Play Survivor Megaways Casino Game?

The area of the game is too big and distributed into 3 ways like the top, bottom and the center to land the required symbols there very easy to avoid mixing up. You can make the winning combinations and get trigger options which lead to drawing the free spins and mini-games for the gambler. If you changed the value of the symbol from lower to the high by adopting the method of alternate then you will be paid by the makers of the game of BTG.

The extra reel would be there to show the symbols of women and men by using there snaps to give them ease. At that time, you can make the substitute and picked multipliers up to the 3x from a minimum of 1x. The multipliers used the validity to increase their value for the users and wagers of the casino. The main feature which liked by all the users of the casino is the presence of the free spins with the help of a logo on the reels which are the basic need of the gambler. You can draw the mega jackpot without re-setting the multipliers.

The Theme of the Survivor Megaways Casino Game

The theme of the game is about the series of the Survivor which have been watched many times before it. The main options in the slots are the tribes, symbols, masks, Royals, and images of different kinds. BTG tried their best to improve the layout and design of the theme and also succeeded to gain their purpose. Some of the features showed that these are the copy from the NetEnt and the other well-known makers. All the players liked to play the games of Big Timing Gaming by looking at the features inside it not outside.


BTG added the entire thing which expected from the gambler in the Survivor Megaways and it now it is up to the players that how they handle it. The RTP, potential, Payout, symbols, free spins, mini-games without depositing anything and multipliers would be good to draw the huge amount for the wagers.