Surprising path

Surprising path

Surprising path of Stephen Curry towards the basketball is on news

Basketball is a game in which the players become famous when they are performing well in the high school team. Ever since a player performs well in the high school team the player will be regarded as the best upcoming player for the national team. This is quite true for many legendary players but if you take the one of the best basket player Stephen Curry, he is an exception from this principle or concept. Even after his high school no one knows that he will be the one of the best player in the future. But he made it success with efforts and hard work. Everyone amazed and the world of basket ball was in shock when Stephen Curry was awarded with the most valuable player of NBA award.

He is the best player for the Golden State Warriors and in his period the team has won the second title in the league tournament. The credit goes to him for his performance in the team who led the team to success. Behind every successful player there should be some notable history and lesson to be learnt. Likewise Stephen Curry has a history that should be learnt and it is being a motivation for many players and youngsters who aspire to win in their field. Only when the news people visit the Stephen Curry’s school coach Bob McKillop they come to know the interesting part of Stephen’s journey to basket ball career. He could not get scholarship for Basket ball playing in any of the schools he had tried except in the three schools Winthrop, Davidson and Virginia Commonwealth. They agreed to offer full scholarship except them no one is ready because of his height to play basket ball. For this reason that the coaches and the fellow players thought that he could not make his basket ball interest away from the school.

But his chance in the national team is really an amazing thing to know that with such a height he could make it through. The coaches thought that he would grow few inches in the future but as of now he cannot make it in the peak basket ball sports event. McKillop is the one of the best coach in Stephen’s career because he did not see his ineligibility in terms of height but he saw his hard work and the physical toughness on the basket ball floor. The fact is that as far as McKillop has seen, Stephen is the one of the person whom McKillop has seen putting hard efforts on the floor to get selected. McKillop says that he was encouraged by Stephen’s potential on the floor and planned to shape him to be a better player. McKillop found that it will be easy to coach such a person with a lot of hard work capabilities and passion to achieve.

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