Super Striker Casino Game Review

Super Striker Casino Game Review

Super Striker Casino Game is one of the latest and upcoming slots of the NetEnt which is scheduled to release in April 2020 for all the casino points in the world. The theme and the graphics in the slot are related to the World Cup of Europe which is in also 2020. The Review of the Super Striker Casino game is based on the reels, pay-lines, betting range, multipliers and the free games with the spin to amuse the player before sitting on the seat of the casino. Most of the features and functions are very simple in the slot but it still can gain the market.

Super Striker Casino game can be played at home by using the smartphone which has the required application and software. Online Betting is increasing day by day but you must know the rules to play and the precautions also. Here is the detail of the functions and features of the slot.

Function in the Super Striker Casino Game

The area of the Super Striker casino game is very low as it has only 3 reels in it with the 5 lines to release the maximum jackpot of 5000x which is not so impressed by the users of casino. The Return to the Player is 96% which is good but not inspired by the gamblers. The other symbols in the slot like the scatters, free spins, and wilds made the slot very useful in the market of the casino. Here is the exact range of betting which could be done on the game.

Betting Range and Payout

There are many options to bet in the reels and lines of the slot.  You must watch your range of betting, and then decide to put your coins on the casino game. The minimum range of betting starts from only $0.10 to a maximum of 75$ which is very good combinations. While on the other hand, you can draw the maximum amount of the $375,000 which is too big in the market of casinos nowadays. The additional payout from the RTP and the result of the symbols in the slot added more to the profit of the players.

How to Play Super Striker Casino Game?

Before starting, you must know the range of betting, with the help of the Bet slip which helped the wagers to select the best pair for betting on the game. By doing it, you can get free 1oo free spins which can be increased with the passage of the time in the game. The best method to win the maximum reward from the game is to bet the entire amount on the fifty-five symbols of highly paid for all the 100 rounds. If you did well on these symbols, then no one cans top you to draw the $978,000 as a reward. The presence of the Super Striker is the option to release more free spins.

The symbols of the Golden Scatter on the reels also give you the stack to add the fixed payout of the developers. Some free spins from the trigger will be waiting for you but the modern feature in the slot is to get the maximum multipliers from 1x to the 10x which is very crucial in the game. The Golden scatter can pay you 50x which showed that all the other symbols are then this option in the game.

The Theme of the Super Striker Casino Game

The theme of the game is related to football as we have seen 4 reels in the slot which were not seen in any casino slot in 2020. The functions and features in the game are of the latest time with the friendly behaved for the wagers and casino players. The other symbols in the game are the boots, players, scatters and the Icons of Global type. All the components in the slot made it very strong.


By knowing, the little area in the slot which is only 3 reels and 5 lines to play for the gamblers. But the functions and features with the free spins decreased the productivity of the players of the casino. If you look at the slot from outside, then it will attract the customers for it.