Sunday Tennis Betting Online

Sunday Tennis Betting Online

Andy Murray is meeting with Thomas Berdych in a hard ground court, where they played their five last matches, and their results look awful. Both of them only have one victory in the last five matches on the hard ground court, Murray beat Raonic on the ATP World Tour Finals round-robin where the Canadian was struggling with an injury and withdrew from the tournament after that match, and who knows how thing would have been going if he was fit for the match. It’s Andy Murray’s probably the worst end of the season in his career, as personal problems, and happy moments are overwhelming him, and making him weak on the court, and his mind to fly somewhere else. On the other hand we have Berdych, who lost to Raonic just week before he got injured and beaten by Andy. He managed to get over Cilic, and it’s the only victory he has in the last six matches.

Check the option of sports betting online, and don’t forget to bet on the Berdych or Murray, as this match can go in a direction that no one knows. Their favorite ground is grass, as they have 4 out of 5 victories on it. This means that they will struggle as they have already did in the last 5 matches, on the hard ground court.

Let’s see at their duels. Andy Murray is leading with 3:2 as he has won in 2012 three times, and Bercych got the first in 2011 and the last in 2013 duel. From all the games together, its 8:6 in sets for Murray, who is in the worst form of his life. I hope that these information will help you when you visit Sport bet news and bet for your favorite player.

There is another duel on the TV and in the Sport Bet Forums to watch and to bet on this weekend, as the Spaniard Moya is meeting with the Austrian Rafter. This is their first clash, with previously terrible results of only one win in five matches. Last five gamese that Rafter player are all finished in one set, as that speaks about his condition, while Moya managed to finish two matches with two sets, where he won the one, and lost the other. His three rest games were lost in one set.

They, lust like most of the tennis players are used on playing on the grass court. Their results are much better on the grass, as they have played full matches, where Moya won three out of five, and Rafter won four and lost the last one on ground. Unfortunately they are now playing on hard grass, and the possibility for winning is 50:50. However if your country’s favorite is playing, or the player you like will hit the court on Sunday, don’t forget to visit the sports betting forum and bet for your player.