Students fail

Students fail

Students fail to give priority to basket ball when it comes to choosing their course

A 17 year old boy Will Ingram who plays basket ball since he was 3 years has no hassles or confusions about the place that makes him to enter college basket ball programs. College basket ball program is a dream to many students who have been playing basket ball since from their childhood. This really common and the player like Will Ingram are satisfied with the belt he is selected because they are flexible with the students for college basket ball team.

The reason the students concentrate on the college basket ball team is for the tournaments between college teams that is inter and intra collegiate and also such college basket ball team players will be recruited for the national team. Coming to the Ingram’s option it is quite strange that he is satisfied with the current selection rather getting in to the D1 type selection that takes the basket ball players to the NBA. For many players playing NBA that national basket ball association of the country, the national level team is a dream but Ingram feels that he is not upto the mark to get selected for the NBA through D1 selection.

Irwin has his education in Mark’s school Dallas, TX and he has chosen to attend Columbia camp, Penn camp and the Yale camp through which he planned to get in to the D1 or DIII coaching selection but he got with the camp in which he is satisfied with the level that does not take him to NBA. Candidly he revealed that he wants to use basket ball as a tool to get a better education in best university. This reveals that he convinced himself that he will not be able to make it to NBA.

He says that after playing with the skilled guys in the camp he has decided that he is not able to compete with those guys and he is not fit to be a part of a camp that takes him NBA. So eventually he chooses to have a better education in a best school which can be possible through basket ball. For the guys in the DIII division the coach will be flexible and there is no commitment required from the students to be available for the coaching for all the months in a year.

But in the D-I coaching the player has to be available for the coaching all the 12 months in a year which is compulsory and the coach demands the time of the students since they take them to NBA. Only few players from the high school become eligible to play in the college level basket ball. Therefore the players like Ingram has settled with the camp they are able to do shows that not all the high school players are able to enter college level basket ball team.