Stuart Scott put 110% in

Stuart Scott put 110% in

For the last seven years he had done something that most man cannot do in their lifetime. When it comes to fighting an illness that’s what happens and Stuart Scott knew exactly what to do. He would get up in the morning after a quick good night sleep, shower and go to his early kick box training in order to make his body stronger and to be fit, grab something to eat, some small bites of the healthiest food and go to work. There he requires staying on the microphone for the next several hours, especially on Friday night where there are double matches played and they can last up to 1 a.m. and then again go for a short night sleep to be ready for the next day, to be ready to present to the audience what he did best – to be the guiding voice of the NBA basketball matches.

Many of Stuart Scott’s coworkers noticed that he had no power to stay and be the voice of every game in the NBA and that could be seen when the commercials hit the screen and he would put his head on the table and close his eyes just to take the one minute rest that would give him energy to proceed with the match. He would often go to the studio bathroom and his coworkers explain it as a painful experience, advising him to go home and rest for the night. But Stuart Scott never did that.

He was one of the first guys to work for the ESPN which is the official media of the NBA league. He was the best guy to work him. The things that we all read now about him are from his coworkers, and Michael Wilbon was his closest friend there. Stuart Scott suffered from Cancer, and having beaten it once, he failed to do that for the second time. Everybody who knows him knows that the NBA wouldn’t have been the same without the commentaries of this legend. He died on an age of 49 and the things besides his working abilities that were great are his fatherhood abilities. Every person that heard an advice from Stuart Scott about how to be a father is saying that they are the best things that anyone can say.

It will be sad year in the whole NBA department, of who which everybody knew Stuart Scott and his working abilities. The playoffs would not be the same and this is agreed by many of the players and coaches, but mostly from the passionate fans who knew him.

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