Strategies followed

Strategies followed

Strategies followed in basketball tournament

Basketball is a popular sport played between two teams. The aim of the game is to make maximum goals by shooting the ball into the basket. The game takes places in a rectangular court. It sometimes played as indoor game as well as outdoor game. The shooting refers to throwing the ball in a netted basket which is attached to a board and placed at a height of 10 feet and has its diameter of 18 inches. Each team of the game consists of 5 players and are aimed to get maximum goal. Here both the teams are played simultaneously for a limited period of time.

The goal can be calculated in a manner that a player who is placing the ball through the basket and also place where is making the goal. If the player placing the ball in the basket by touching it or he is nears the rim, it counts to the point of 2. If the player is about at the distance behind the 3 point liner, then the points count to 3. Likewise the points added to the team and at the end of the match the maximum points or goals declare the winning of the team.

The basketball games have some general terms like offence and defence. The offence team refers the team having the ball in their hand and the opponent team is referred as defence. Basketball game is played in a way that the offence team has to place the goal on the opponent side basket and have to pass the ball between the defence players without making them to get the ball before making goal. While playing the game there are some positions attained by the players. The positions are named to be point guard, centre, forward, small forward and shooting guard. The rules followed here is the ball has to pass towards the defence side of the basket and also they should carry the ball all along the way. The ball can be passed from any direction to make the goal possible. It should be passed between the home players and when they crossed the centre line they should carry forward the ball and not go behind the line.

Some of the restrictions behind the game are the ball should not be carried by any other parts of the body other than arm or hands. The player should not obstruct the ball with his body also. If anything happened it is added to foul list. If the team encounters 5 fouls, then the particular player is made out of the game and also they are given 3 free foul throws. They are 5 seconds to make favour for it otherwise it will be passed to the other team. These things are to be followed by a scorekeeper who counts the goals, individual player goals, fouls and also the whole score and individual player score too. When the game falls to draw, the teams are given a grace time called overtime period for 5 minutes to make the game favourable by the teams.