Strange things

Strange things

Posted on November 10, 2023 by in Betting

Strange things happen in the betting world

With the rise of online gambling, everything that happened in the field is likely to become a source of commitment, and therefore a source of match-fixing. What of corner kicks, according to Javier, it is the latest sensation in the world of gambling. It is harmless to the result, so does not put much at risk, and it is fairly easy to rig: “If you plant, or end, there is nothing easier than to force a corner,” said the bookie.

Manipulation comes even penetrate the first division of Spanish football, that is, where they play every week so successful clubs like Real Madrid or Barcelona. That has seen Javier, who pointed out that most corruption is in secondary divisions parties.

“What is bleeding is what happens in Segunda B and Tercera”. And not because they lower divisions move little money: “A Third Party Breaded can give good result included 50,000 euros (more than 163 million pesos). The play is round. “

modest party in a Valencian village without televising and just people in the stands. Spend little. No dangerous moves. Suddenly, dozens of people in Asia are betting on the Internet that in that distant corners duel going to rain. Guess right. The ball keeps going by the bottom line.

There were 16 corner kicks in the first half of the CD Acero-Orihuela CF, two clubs in the Valencia area of the Third Spanish Division. Much money ran last year for those plays that left no mark on the result. But the accumulation of suspicious actions in the Spanish semiprofessional championships them out of oblivion at a time when the courts begin to fill with complaints about the systematic match fixing.

The dimension of the scandal grew yesterday following a report published by the newspaper El Mundo in which a former bookie revealed that “at least 40% of Third meetings are rigged”. Many parties: this division , the fourth of Spanish- football tournament in 18 zones of 20 teams each.

“The last fever are the corners,” said the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity. The newspaper portrays him as a sort of regretful that now works in the pay of the bookmakers to detect fraud.

According to his account, players are synchronized to agree on moves that may go unnoticed. “They say.. ‘Let’s do 12 corners, but up to 15 minutes are calm’ And from then begin to make corners like crazy If the bookmaker part of that in 90 minutes will do 10 corners and 15 there was none, move the line 8. therefore, you can already bet that is going to do more than 9, more than 10, more than 11. a third party can give good breaded 50,000 euros “.

Bettors receive the data of players in Asian betting houses where there are fewer controls in general and the limits are higher, and then distribute some of the profits with the players, who are overwhelmingly amateurs. “In all the costumes you know who plays and who does not,” added the expert. He reported that there are international mafias involved. Increasingly they operate with easy execution plays no influence on the scoreboard: corners, yellow cards, fouls. The houses online sports betting can play with any haul of the match.

“If central or end are nothing easier than to force a corner. With an account in Third, you can win with corners in a game 8000 euros. If you move four counts, win 32,000,” said the source El Mundo. He added that the return to the cahoots players is usually 30%.

The case of the 16 corners Steel-Horihuela to Justice denounced the local club. He did so in March after alarms were lit in a game against the Columbus parts in which he apparently tried to bribe euros by 1000 goalkeeper of the team to be left to make a goal.

Allegations multiply. This weekend went viral on social networking goal of a player Manchego -zona Marchamalo of Third- that looks like a tribute to Maradona to the English, only advocates Toledo B run an unusual choreography to avoid take the ball . That much was the final 2-0, 88 minutes notice was given to the prosecution.

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