Steffi Graf

Steffi Graf

Posted on November 9, 2023 by in Tennis

Steffi Graf, comparison between Serena Williams and Simona Halep: “Show a tennis incredible!”

Simona Halep has not had a happy start to the season and early had lost three positions in the WTA rankings. Before Indian Wells , where he will defend his title, has trained in California with Steffi Graf, German champion by comparing the leader of the WTA, Serena Williams and Simona.

Serena is the only Grand Slam title of the record of 22 such trophies that Graf has the track record and germanca feels that the smaller of the Williams sisters will set a new record. “Frankly, we all believe that can do that and it will happen soon. I do not take anything from what I did. I’m relaxed. It’s her chance and I’m happy for her. ” Said Graf.

Steffi, 46, who in 1988 won all four major titles and gold at the Olympics in Seoul, says that Serena has revolutionized tennis with the agility and strength of its raw: “Serva his is the biggest hit of all time in women’s tennis. Nothing even close to this force. Nobody showed much force in the sport athletic women. ” Yet Graf is not afraid that will force the players out of the circuit which is characterized by bumps placed.

“I saw Simona Halep , who does so much physical strength, but still shows an incredible tennis. Angelique Kerber also not a physical force. But these players use the land, use different kicks and I think finesse is still there on the ground. ” Said the former world leader.

Serena Williams: Most of the players play fair

Serena Williams once again referred to the doping scandal involving Maria Sharapova. The American admitted that isolated cases of unauthorized use of funds does not make the whole sport is unclean.

Serena Williams admitted that a healthy lifestyle is of particular importance for her. American shun any enhancers and additives. The current leader of the ranking very quickly noticed the positive effects of a vegan diet.

Justine Henin Sharapova about the raid. “Such things always in some way reflect on the discipline”

– They scare me supplements to help your diet – said Williams. – In addition, my sister went through many a disease and introduced me to the world of raw vegan food. I really like it. I saw many positives such food, even when it comes to my game and, above all flesh. Looking from a health perspective, I have never been an advocate of taking anything.

Williams once again referred to the doping scandal involving Maria Sharapova , after which the internet there are hundreds of various comments. 34-year-old indicated that isolated cases do not make the whole sport is unclean.

– Most of the players play fair, because they want to achieve as much as they can and are committed to the paths of righteousness.

– In the world they live billions of people, and there will always be a few who will do something, causing fear and terror. However, this does not make the whole place is bad. It is the same with tennis. Most of the players over the years can boast a fair game and feel proud about that.

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