Stallion Strike Casino Game Review

Stallion Strike Casino Game Review

Stallion Strike casino game is the unique game of Playtech because players wanted to get the slot which has high volatility and payout for getting a maximum payout. It is composed of all the latest features and functions as per the thinking of the gamblers to decrease their tension about the game. Stallion Strike is consisted of the Reels, pay-lines, multipliers, symbols, betting range and various kinds of symbols. The slot is made with the help of the Power Zone to add the new mechanics in it. You can see the wildlife of the animals and the horse for a long time here.

Stallion Strike can be played as an online because of the mobile-friendly option in it. Online betting is the best choice for the users to avail the option of gambling at home rather than to go outside from the home. Here are the functions of the slot with the descriptive information to tell the basic functions of the game.

Functions in the Slot

There are 5 reels in the slot with the 15,625 pay-lines to cover all the areas of the game. The presence of the Power Zones gives some help to the symbols to maintain their productivity and to give some free spins and free games for the users. The game has very good potential and all the efforts of the gamblers will not go wrong. The payout which is fixed by the makers of the game wills an impressive amount with the required RTP of 96%. Playtech will admire because all the functions added as per the market.

Betting Range and Payout

Betting Range for any slot played a vital role because it is the only thing that forced the player to play the game. The betting range and can be watched at the lower side of the screen of the casino. A wise gambler always checked the detail of the game and then put the amount on the given lines and reels. The betting range of Stallion Strike is started from the only $0.10 to the maximum of $100 which is very good for all kinds of gamblers. While on the other hand, the payout of 26,900x favored the players with the RTP which is more than 96%. Here is the method to play the Stallion Strike casino game.

How to Play Stallion Strike Casino Game?

This game is very interesting because the Power Zone added all the valuable features in the slot very first time. The regular symbols have a great payout for the player to give them more money than the past. The presence of the blue symbols told that the symbols consisted of the charge.

Charged symbols have a huge role in the working of the game as these can be transformed the lower kind of symbols to the high-level payout. Power Zone gives the area to the required working. The symbols of Horse Shoes used three times to give 50 free spins if the user knows the working of it. All the symbols of Power Zone released too much money for the wager of the casino with one by one. The new feature in this lot is that you can buy the feature which you liked the player to draw the more 50 free spins to get the 500x stacks. Here is the detail of the theme of Stallion Strike.

The theme of the Slot

The theme of the game is very unique because the title of Stallion showed the importance of the starts under the clouds in the sky. The symbol of the Diamonds Wilds with other main options like the Scatters, Eagles and 6 Royals will have done their work to amuse the player with the mega jackpot amount by the Playtech makers. The area of the game and the graphics would be appreciated by the lover of casinos all over the world.


It has all the main features with the high range as liked by the gamblers of casinos like the volatility, payout, betting range, free spins, free games, and the expected multipliers to gain more than the fixed amount of payouts.