Sports betting matches tennis ATP 10 000 € to share

Sports betting matches tennis ATP 10 000 € to share

Posted on June 21, 2024 by in Betting
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During the month of March, the bookmaker Unibet Belgium organizes a tournament of sports betting on tennis matches ATP. Starting today, all the sports bets placed on this competition will allow you to climb in the classification of the tournament.

You can win a share of the prize pool of € 10,000. The more you place winning bets, the higher you will position in the ranking, and the greater your share of the prize pool of € 10,000.

Starting on Thursday 9 March, the ranking will be updated every day at 16.00 CET, showing the points accumulated at the end of the previous day. Bets placed after 23:59 will count towards the next day’s ranking. The winners will be announced on the Unibet website and will be contacted directly on April 4, 2017.

How to bet on ATP tennis matches and participate in the tournament

  • The first thing to do and register for the promotion on the Unibet Belgium website.
  • Then you can place your sports bets in pre-game or live on the ATP tournament selection available for the tournament. See below.
  • Only winning bets count towards your total points.
  • Your bets must be placed between Thursday March 9 (00:00 CET) and Sunday April 2 (23:59 CET).

Tournament and tennis matches ATP eligible:

You can choose to bet on the matches of these two ATP tournaments

  1. BNP Paribas Open
  2. Miami Open presented by Itau

Formula for calculating your points on ATP tennis matches

The formula used to calculate your points on each ATP tennis match you will be betting is as follows:
Minimum Bet X Number of matches in betting coupon (Single – Double – Treble – …) X Total odds on betting coupon (Minimum score of 1.20)

Note that once you are registered for the promotion, all your winning bets placed on the selection of ATP tennis tournaments will count towards the ranking.
All your points of your winning bets will be accumulated and the Top 500 of the players with the most points at the end of the betting tournament will receive a share of the 10 000 €.
Please also note that as part of multiple bets, your coupons must only contain eligible ATP tennis matches. Selections that include a tournament external to the ATP tournament selection will not count.
To your bets and good luck to all..

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