Sports betting is already 1/3 of the online game

Sports betting is already 1/3 of the online game

The betting sector is increasingly present at sporting events and between January and June it moved more than 2.6 billion euros, which is 33% of the digital market.

Sports betting are present in the reality of Spain despite the short journey they have since their regulation in 2012. Unlike Britain, where bets are a classic in any sporting event or social phenomenon, here it remained in the background until the boom of digital betting in the last four years. Without going any further, in the first two quarters of 2016 they circulated a total of 2,627 million euros in sports betting, 33% of online gambling, according to the DGOJ the Ministry of Finance. In the second quarter, the last with official data, the amounts paid were 1,350.32 million euros and a GGR of 53.48 million.

The investment in advertising is a clear symptom of the growth of the sector, not just betting, also online gaming sector. According to the latest report of the DGOJ itself, advertising expenses in the second quarter of the year amounted to 29.75 million euros, 56.01% higher than last year, but lower than the first quarter of this year, when spending Was 9.02% higher. Sponsorship expenses were higher than the January-March period, with 24.63 million invested.While the expenses in sponsorship totaled a total of 838,542 €, always with the data of the DGOJ.

These figures means the regulation of game four years ago and the work of bookmakers in a legal framework . In addition, it increased the advertising presence in media, sponsorship of sports events or specialized TV programs – broadcast in the night band, for those over 18 years, according to the TV schedule legislation.

Platforms and options

It is more and more common to listen in generalist radios or watch on television the quotas of the teams participating in a match. As well as printing the pre-match quota on the pre-journal. Let’s not forget that sports publishers diversified the market with sports betting platforms. With regard to sports, football is the absolute king. Several operators are official sponsors of championships, the most relevant is Sportium in La Liga , Endesa or Liga Asobal) League, or teams like Malaga (Marathon Bet), Sevilla (Titanbet) or the recent case of the Celta de Vigo with Galician house Luckia.

The national projection has become an ideal showcase forbookmakers and their markets . Mainly bet on the market of the result, the 1×2, which are complemented by promotions and bonuses; But the market has increased in recent years with live betting – € 906.03 million in second quarter amounts and a GGR of € 26.42 million – to the exact result, first scorer, handicaps, and so on. Not forgetting other sports where you can bet, for example, the number of sets in tennis or volleyball; Who will get the pole and the victory in a motor race. Even operators include bets on the winner in general elections or referendums, such as the upcoming US elections (typical of American bookmakers) or the UK.