Special Rights for Universal Betting Information Collection and Apportioning

Special Rights for Universal Betting Information Collection and Apportioning

The English Premier League has decided to offer the exclusive rights to gather and apportion its information to betting manipulators all over the globe to the sports information and technology company Genius Sports Group.

From the start of the next season, Genius Sports Group is ready to replace the Perform Group, following the contentment of the latter to be sold to Vista Equity Partners around April this year. As at then, no details of the financial agreement of the multi-year deal taking place between Premier League and Genius was ever made known to the public.

As was made clear during the announcement, Genius Sports Group will be involved in collecting live information from more than 4,000 live football matches and apportion this data to a big number of certified gambling operators via its sports betting division Betgenius. Football matches originating from the English Premier League, the English Football League, as well as from the Scottish Professional Football League are all subject to the conditions of the deal.

The General Manager of Football DataCo, Adrian Ford, the company which presently holds the rights of all competitions incorporated in the agreement, explained that English and Scottish football leagues are both very crucial to any sportsbook. Apart from this, giving out verified and reliable information is crucial for sports betting services. The other essential factor is the fact that the same information can be used by a variety of media organizations to enhance engagement and programming so that the content is made much more qualitative.

The CEO says that the deal is Transformational for Genius

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) had previously brought to the open that football dominates for close to 46% of the total sum of sports betting funds raised online. The English Premier League is presently considered as the most famous amount users in the whole world. This is despite the fact that no actual breakdown has been given out for the different leagues,

In Asia however, sports betting has on the other hand been very helpful in the expansion of the league’s presence.

The special rights to gather and apportion information to betting operators on a worldwide scope is expected to be helpful for Genius Sports Group, which was taken over by the private equity firm Apax Partners LLP in 2018. The Chief Executive Officer of Genius, Mark Locke described the deal with the English Premier League as a transformational for the organization. As Mr. Locke discussed previously, as per the terms of the contract, Genius Sports is privileged to have special access to the most valuable sports betting data universally.

Dealing with one of the biggest football leagues on a universal scope is considered the most important achievement of the sports data and Technology Company since its establishment in 2015, after the merger of Betgenius and Sporting Pulse. Presently, with the exception of the newly-signed agreement with the EPL, Genius Sports has as well been provided with non-exclusive rights to apportion NBA betting information through its SportRadar brand in the US. It is in a 10-year deal with the NCAA as well.