Spartan Fire Casino Slot Review

Spartan Fire Casino Slot Review

Spartan Fire is a new slot of Lightning Box. It schedules to release in July 2020 for all the customers as online and offline. Spartan Fire has all the essential information for the player to get maximum rewards from it. There are reels, pay-lines, betting range, multipliers, stacks, free games, and payout detail to give some basic knowledge to the wagers and gamblers. The theme of the play is about Persian culture due to the symbols and images. Players from all over the world would amuse from the design and layout of the game.

Spartan Fire casino games can use as online in the entire world. You have an option to enjoy the slot machine at PC or smartphone. A lot of traffic can get through the source online. It is an easy way to amuse from the slot working at home.

Functions in the Slot Machine

Spartan Fire has five reels in the slot machine and forty pay-lines to cover all the areas of casino games. It has very high potential and the maximum payout for the users of the casino. Unfortunately, the slot creators forgot to add the real amount of Return to Player, which could be the cause of the slot game’s failure. They must know the market of the casino to gain real users of gambling. We have a long list of the jackpot, free spins, multipliers, payout, and rewards in the Spartan Fire. Some typical features and functions in the slot used in the past games also.

Betting Range and payout

The slot machine has forty lines to fill with the 40$. The real Range of betting started from only $0.40 to a maximum of $40. Slot machines posted as per expectations of gamblers from the entire world. We have not seen such a significant game in the past time. The figures for Return to Player are lower from the mean rate. All the other slot machines added this amount to gain the attraction of users. You can draw 5685x the stacks amount after playing all the workings of the game. Most of the hidden features and functions will enough to give more rewards than the fixed amount.

How to play Spartan Fire Slot Machine?

We have not anything new in the slot machine of Spartan Fire, but some of the Booming Game symbols created some opportunities for the gamblers. Wild symbols are handy in the game because of having a lot of output in it. We cannot deny the importance of other present functions also. You can make all the pairs and combos from the wilds and regulars symbols on the reel. All the three alternates of Warriors, Eyes, and Women added more beauty into the slot of Spartan Fire.

It is quite easy to gain multipliers, free games, and free spins by singing various techniques to handle the difficult situation in the game. Free spins will come to your side without any reason when you got the option of a trigger. Once you trigger the button, no one can stop you from creating a lot of bonus options and features at the end of game time. In the last part of the game, you have to pick the real Shield from the screen to get the extra wild symbols and free spins—these options led to pick more swords and payout.

The Theme of Spartan Fire Slot Machine

The theme of Spartan Fire showed the era of Ancient Greek due to having a lot of features. The presence of warriors in the area would be fantastic for all the gamblers of the casino. You have to focus on the males and females roles to get maximum rewards. The lower value symbol can easily change into wrathful for getting more payout. There is a lot of color of various types to give some more beauty to the slot machine.


Spartan Fire has a lower value of Return to Player, which could be the cause of future failure. The availability of high volatility and the maximum payout has the strength to remove the gap of lower features and functions in the slot machine. Please stay away from this slot.