Spaniard with bad

Spaniard with bad

Spaniard with bad luck on the field

The Spanish, who left Miami for heatstroke, spoke during the tournament of the need to change things in tennis before the rise of game kick

The intense heat of Miami takes its toll on Nadal . In the past it was the circuit rocky player, a man who never looked tired and fought all the balls, however difficult they were. Times are changing, the Spanish tennis player remains one of the best, but no longer the best. Lacks consistency which took combines good tournaments with some departures too premature for someone his size tennis.

Nadal , walking and about 30 years, always preferred the long, tough matches. Partly for him, as it was the territory in which he was better against top – level players, but also for the spectators. Even today, when the physical is no longer the same as before, he advocates a tennis which has more exchanges of blows. ” People liked the drama , the long rallies, remember amazing games were just a long and rest , ” he said shortly before the latter tournament start.

Tennis moves to very different places you want to Nadal. Every day the players are taller, stronger and bigger, the logical consequence is that sport is every day faster and shorter points. They are helped by ultralight snowshoes, drawn from research and allow to hit the ball with more power than before. Tennis going down that road unless, as requested by the Spanish player, someone from a blow on the table. “Tennis has been a tremendous success for many years, sport live a healthy moment, yet it is obvious that we have to move, you have to predict the future , ” Nadal said. “The games that people remember are slow and incredible points, the applause of the people do not come only with the serve , ” she emphasizes the Spanish star.

Changing rules

“Players are higher than ever, stick rackets stronger than before and ball while nothing has changed in our sport, things like the rules or how high is the network …” explains Nadal. Already has the age at which one can also keep playing, begin to theorize , watch the sport from the experience and giving rest having gone through the higher levels and low as possible. In his case, much more frequently than the first, but injuries, some very serious, also part of his career.

Nadal talks about the changes for future generations, fearful that the future is not so pleasing to the viewer as they have been in recent years. Rafa, with Federer and Djokovic , has been part of a golden age of sport, a time that sponsorships have soared and tennis has gained specific weight. Now only Djokovic keeps winning as often as before and the circuit has become less predictable than it was.