Space Wars 2 Powerpoints Slot Review

Space Wars 2 Powerpoints Slot Review

Posted on November 16, 2023 by in Gambling
Space Wars 2 Powerpoints Slot Review

Nobody wants to see the word Powerpoint in a game title! That makes you imagine team meetings starting with an ice breaker, going through a presentation, and finally coming to an end without a satisfying conclusion and having to reschedule for another day.

Well, you are fortunate we aren’t discussing any of those but an online game known as Space Wars 2 Powerpoints by NetEnt.

This title brought some giggles when its announcement was made in February because it sounded stiff and like one managed by groups of business suits.

Though it has taken years, the studio has birthed a collection of cute aliens together in an extraordinarily different game than the original one.

NetEnt is among the pioneering studios of space explorations games. Mega hit starburst outdoes all the rest. Away from that, Space Wars 2 Powerpoints plays in regular reels, pay ways, and rows.

Graphically, Space Wars 2 doesn’t match its expanded pack of attributes’ equal paradigm shift.

As earlier, gamers go off-planet, to a galaxy’s corner, under siege by aliens. The main objective is to fall on matching icons  to activate a group of attributes and also gather Powerpoints to steer into free rounds

With this trip to For this voyage to the stars, NetEnt has coded the volatility of this game to ‘high’ while lowering the  RTP, with the highest default worth being 96.05% – whether purchasing free rounds or not. Participants can access this game from any device, choosing bets from as low as 20p/c to as high as 100 euros per turn.

Its potential is a bit large than how it was before, not forgetting the more than-ever varying ride.

About icons, wins are obtained by matching three or more icons in a horizontal or vertical line.

Beginning from the paytable upwards, participants obtain green, blue, yellow, purple, and orange rocks, then green, blue, yellow, orange, and purple aliens as mids, before completing with a high award crystal. Once triumphing combinations are made, they are removed from the panel permitting new icons to fall down and probably lead to fresh wins. Different triumphing combo sizes also activate various effects.

Space Wars 2 Powerpoints Quick info

  • Title: Space Wars 2 Powerpoints
  • Developer: NetEnt
  • Reels: 6
  • Rows: 6
  • Paylines: Cluster pays
  • RTP: 96.05%
  • Max Win: 10,020x
  • Volatility: High
  • Min/Max Bet: 0.20/100
  • Release Date: June 30, 2022


Buckle up for this section since there is much to look at, including Powerpoints, Column/Row Blasters, Zappers, Bombs, Wilds + Multiplier Wilds, Combos, Free Spins, and bonus buys.

  • Powerpoints

When triumphing combos are created, Powerpoints come forth. As Powerpoints increase on the meter, participants obtain higher levels, adding to the win multiplier.

  • Column/Row Blaster

Hitting a 4-icon horizontal triumphing line at the base or additional game prizes a Column Blaster icon. That removes all icons apart from wilds or attribute icons from the matching row and increases Powerpoints onto the meter. The same occurs once a four-icon spin achievement hits.

  • Zapper

The 5 or 6 icon win at the base play brings forth a tile known as a Zapper. Zappers take away 1- 4 types of icons when activated by the five icon match or the 3 – 4 types of icons triggered by a six- icon match. In free rounds, Zappers are prized once a 5, 6, 7, or 8 icon match takes place.

  • Bomb

A unique bomb icon is increased onto the panel after hitting a win involving vertical plus horizontal corresponding icons. Once the wins get paid, the bombs explode, ridding themselves off and every other symbol around them, increasing points onto the Powerpoints meter.

Whenever the Bomb touches a Multiplier Wild, it increases the number of paid Powerpoints.

  • Wild + Multiplier Wild

A 3 icon match at the base or additional slot got a wild icon in an open position available. In free rotations, the increased wilds can also possess a multiplier of x2, x3, x4, x5, x10, or x25. When the multiplier Wilds are utilized in achievement, they increase the value of Powerpoints prized.

  • Combos

During the play, Column or Row Blasters, Zappers, or Bombs correspond to one another and combine, adding their strength.

Combo 1 – activated by hitting a Bomb adjacent to the blaster. If it is a Column Blaster, three reels of icons are removed (not the wilds or attribute icons). If it is a Row Blaster, three rows of icons are removed (not the wilds or attribute icons).

Combo 2 – activated once a bomb hits next to Zapper. Once that occurs, 1- 3 types of icons transform into Bombs, also the Zapper, followed by the explosion of the bombs.

Combo 3 – hit a Zapper adjacent to a Blaster to activate this combination to get 1-3 icon types change into a Column or the Row Blaster icons.

Free Spins

If you gather 1000 powerpoints, free spins are awarded depending on the number of points accrued. In free rounds, the panel increases to eight rows high, and gamers can achieve bonus free rotations from within the attribute.

Buy Feature

Gamers in eligible regions that can’t wait could instead stump 75x, 140x, or 250x the stake to purchase 8, 12, or 16 free rotations.


If you interact with the initial space wars games, you will come to points different from the game. Time has given NetEnt enough space to revamp the encounter between the original and the sequel completely. Most people would not have realized if they had given Space Wars 2 another name or a new series. No complaints whatsoever since the slot assembly is such a good one. Matching up to an excellent band of additional terrestrials with a load of fascinating attributes.

Apart from the exciting side of it, most features intertwine to massive effect once the correct icons hit on one another. We are discussing combinations, simple but innovative ideas you rarely see.

Though its actual effects may not be original, they mainly involve icon removals or multiplier placements. Nonetheless, considering all individual quirks, like various achieving combination sizes activating different attribute icons as well as space wars 2 mounts to a slick game that should provide sufficient and above to pull in curious panel games specialists for some spin or so.

The last icing on this piece is the impressive achieving potential of 10’020 X the bet.NetEnt was a little bit silent for a while. Nonetheless, Space wars 2 reminds us of the studios’ creativity.

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