Space Stacks Slot Review

Space Stacks Slot Review

Posted on November 16, 2023 by in Gambling
Space Stacks Slot Review

The slot machine known as Space Stacks is currently under development at Push Gaming. The creator has all the expertise necessary to make this into an entertaining slot machine. When it launches in a few months, if you enjoy video games with attractive graphics, sizable payouts, and intriguing features, I’d suggest keeping an eye out for this one.

With Space Stacks, they went off the tracks and made sure it delivered something that wasn’t available anyplace else. This slot machine now has 10×10 reels thanks to Push Gaming, who also utilised the Reelbets engine, which enables you to bet on specific reels and receive instant rewards.

A 5,000x top jackpot, significant volatility, and a long list of RTP values, the best of which is 96.23%, are all features of this slot machine. There are three different sorts of bonus games as well, some of which are linked to the bets you make and offer substantial payouts.

Gambling and Rewards

You have a range of $0.10 to $100 from which to choose your wager.

With the slot’s jackpot at 5,000x, the best possible result appears to be $500,000 in cash. Space Stacks is regrettably quite volatile, with a long-term RTP of up to 96.23%. (one of several RTP values in the range).

Game Features for Space Stacks

There are a total of 10 reels in Space Stacks, 3 of which are used to start bonus games and the remaining 7 to provide quick payouts. You choose which reels to wager on, and some of them can pay up to 5,000 times your stake. Ability enhancements have the potential to raise the payouts from the standard reels. There will be some reels that have symbols in every position, and those will pay (only if you placed a wager on them).

If you bet on the right bonus reels, you could get three bonuses:

A wheel with 32 rewards and multipliers rotates when Astro is activated.

Lip: this is a choosing function where you choose three tiles from the 36 spots displayed. You might win a prize worth up to 1,000 times what you first bet.

Apex: This one has six reels on which you must line up symbols in order to win their rewards. The prizes may be better because each column that is filled up raises the prizes you have already won.

Concept & Design

It’s a unique game with some elements of a space theme and many symbols that resemble gemstones on the reels. There is a sizable playing field, and each reel has a specific type of symbol on it. Images of asteroids, rockets, the Earth, the Sun, the Moon, and other planets are also present, as well as geometric shapes.


Push Gaming’s Space Stacks demo slot is distinctive, extremely intriguing, and unlike anything else we’ve seen in this area. Check it out.

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