Southampton vs Leeds United Betting Review – 16th October

Southampton vs Leeds United Betting Review – 16th October

English Premier League became and significant season after the World Cup. English football association tried their best to promote the players. I am here to assist you with the significant players and their performance. The betting review has consisted of the latest performance, head to head, predictions, betting odds & tips, goals in the English Premier League.

Latest performance

I took the information from the last games. Southampton has played six games to win in one game. They failed in two games, and the remaining three games did not create any result. If we see the result of Leeds United, then they also played the same number of games and won in two games.

Head to Head

I have checked that Southampton picked 35% chances to win the game. On the other hand, Leeds United also gained 35% chances to win. There is not a significant difference between the two sides.

Goals in the English Premier League

By remaining at home, Southampton played three games to win in nothing. If we see the result of Leeds United, then they also took part in some games and did not win any game. They scored three goals and conceded seven also.


Both the teams did not declare their final squad for a crucial game. We have to wait till the start of the game.

Betting Odds & Tips

Southampton picked the betting price of 29/20 versus the 7/4. The remaining facts and figures went into the draw. According to our expectations, the match will not leave any result.


All the information has been described according to the need of the day. We tried our best to post appropriate data for the viewers. Southampton has a lot of chances to win the game. We predicted on behalf of the past profiles of players. The final result will come at the end of the day.