South American Betting

South American Betting

It is seen in the development of parties and is reflected in the statistics. The Argentine teams , most have adopted a style of mainly offensive game , which privileges the search for arch rival over the care of itself. Thus, they have made the tournament Transition in the league with the best average of goal in the world. But is not left at the local level, but also reflected in the Copa Libertadores.

The results of this week at the continental event serve as a sample. The five teams that were presented Argentines scored at least three goals. I ven Boca, which is actually the least scorers, but found his first victory copera from an unprecedented efficiency in the cycle of Guillermo Barros Schelotto, and got 3 to Bolivar. Also Hurricane and Rosario Central (although tied with Palmeiras). Racing made River 4 and 6.

An offensive trend

It looks like a generational brand of many coaches soccer First, technicians bordering 40 years old, some of them direct or at least influenced by the age of Marcelo Bielsa as a symbol of DT Argentine and Barcelona Pep Guardiola as global and footballing great dominator.

Sava, one of the DT of the new generation willing to take risks. (Fotobaires)

Sava, one of the DT of the new generation willing to take risks. (Fotobaires)

The trend marked the World Cup Brazil 2014, which raised the average global goal . The ecumenical event, so, again the scenario in which international football look, analyzed and displayed in their diagnosis.

If before World television globalization were the exposure of national styles, now mark where it goes international game mode, not motorized and local styles but by the big teams and the most successful coaches.

And the trend, then, is clear: we must attack . Privileging the search arch rival. Even if that generate imbalance . It is known: the theory of short blanket. But coaches mostly seem willing to take the riesg or, convinced that the best defense is attack. Ultimately wins makes more goals than the opponent. It is 1-0 or 5-4.

The aesthetic effect is. 5-4 is always more entertaining than 1-0 because the goal is the essence of football, its aim and its climax. And this brings another effect: the spectacular, the key feature for the commercial potential of the local league. Just ask Ted Turner.

The highest scoring teams

And in this context, what Argentinian teams are more scorers and what causes them that quality results?

That list is led by Racing Club Facundo Sava, the team with the greater number of goals scored so far of the official season (32, divided among 22 local tournament and 10 of the Libertadores Cup ), and more many average for between 30 Primera Division (2.46 per game).

Sava offensive tirdente released Thursday with Diego Milito-Lisandro-Gustavo Bou . Perhaps more you bound by quality attackers by tactical decision. And on top, when entered, Roger Martinez made a goal. Racing, playing style and timing of their forward feed and strengthen each other.