Sonic Reels Casino Game Review

Sonic Reels Casino Game Review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
Sonic Reels Casino Game Review

Sonic Reels Casino game is given to us by the Wazdan at the start of 2020 with a lot of mix features in it. The music and sound also included in the slot for fun with the addition of the symbols of classics and fruit in it. The various images of the graphics showed some modern views in the slot. The review of the Sonic Reels composed of all the required components in the slot to know the pre detail of the game very well. We always wanted to decrease the problem of gamblers all over the world.

Sonic Reels Casino game added the facility of online in it as most of the traffic is coming from the smartphone player.


Having only 5 reels in the slot like the others in the market of the casino, there are 729 lines of pay with the different kinds of symbols in it. The Return to the Player (RTP) which is 96.16% is also a free amount of bet from the makers of the game. It is a high volatile game due to the presence of the top payouts and wilds, free spins options and the sound added to it also.

Betting Range and Payout

From all the given area from the slot, you can select the symbols of bet which you like to use in the slot while working on it. The betting range for the Sonic Reels casino slot as online or offline is started from the only $0.20 to the $100 to play the round of the game.

On the other hand, the fixed payout from the makers of the game of casino in 2020 which is 1850x like a top prize with the additional options in the slot like the RTP and the wilds symbols in it.

How to Play

The slot of the Sonic Reels consisted of the two main symbols in it like the wilds and scatter which may helpful to release the free spins and high payout for the gambler from left to right or right to left. These two can make the combinations and pairs for the players of gambling. The users of the casino must fall these signs on the reels which are only 5 to get some alternate with the presence of the regular symbols of the slot.

While the options to get the extra free spins and no deposit spins can also be gained from these to pictures. Overall, this casino failed to add attractive features and functions to it. But, the player who loved to the casino on the smartphone can get an advantage due to low traffic at the stations of the casino on developed countries of gambling like the United Kingdom and Australia with the USA.

At the last time of the gameplay, multipliers options also released from the slot to get more and more multipliers by doing well with the spins and re-spins options. Scatter the symbols on the reels to match with the regular symbols which are given in the to make the reliable pairs for the maximum payout.

A wise gambler also played the low amount bet slot due to get experience in gambling and this slot is very useful for him.


The theme of the game is based on the fruits in classic shape all the time. But the presence of the sound inside the slot made it amused for the gambler of the casino with the voice speakers also. Symbols of the Pumpkins, Lucky 7, bar logo, cherries, pears, lemons, and oranges are all the addition to the payout for the player if he played well with these options.


Sonic Reels Casino slot gave the return to the gambler with high prize due to the presence of the max jackpot and no option of the Progressive Jackpot. Having mean RTP and the classic features in the game, it may be loosed its way in the start of 2020 in front of the high-class payout games of casino.

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