So football matches

So football matches are rigged in Spain

Football: well arranged matches in Spain A third party can give good Breaded result included EUR 50,000. Photo: Pixabay

It’s creepy. Arrangements not only concerned with who wins and who loses, but also the goals of the cards. Bet up to the number of corner kicks charged. “With an account in Tercera (division), in the biggest house, you can win in a game c√≥rners 8,000 euros (26 million pesos). If you move four counts, you gain 32,000 (104 million). It is the last fever. “

The experience of a former bookie, now dedicated to dismantling the crime committed for 10 years, was picked up by the Spanish newspaper El Mundo. In the interview details the underground world of match-fixing, by which move each year billions of euros. The revelations of this character have exceeded the Iberian borders and, once again, have put the issue of corruption within football mouth to circulate in the whole environment.

Javier, the false name used by the bookmaker in the interview, is unequivocal in his statements. They ask whether there are links between mafias and the clubs, and he responds that “more than links, no communication”. According to the respondent, the worst show business face the clubs second and third category. “Many clubs are not interested climb to Second B, getting into a lot of expenses, they will take a dimension for which they are unprepared. Mafias offer them treatment, “he explains.

Corruption, according to Javier, is intruded into the bowels of the same clubs. “When the players reach the field, some go to the locker room the other and always asks, ‘Who is the betting?’. Each team has a delegate, so to speak. “

And according to the bookmaker, the business has grown so much that the same players want to be increasingly participate in the intrigues. “In Third, and in many cases in Segunda B, players are more interested bet to play.”

But the interviewee warns what reasons have, as their salaries are poor compared to what they have to face players in travel and training time and dedication in football. However, the issue acquires greater proportions when it points out that some of those players who have no qualms about rigging their yields are the same as a time after ascending to achieve top-notch equipment.

On the other hand, Javier notes that many players have no problem in using what they know about the locker room to make more money by betting account. Knowing who plays can be a very valuable information that could translate into big money on betting. In fact, Javier said that in the inner circles of the players information flows so that several benefit from a juicy account data.

But the strongest of all the issue is that, rather than a secret, is a practice that is known and accepted. “That is there, but the law of silence is very strong. The Federation does nothing, “says Javier. “They know perfectly well that dozens of games are rigged each day, but do not report and let their customers bet,” he adds.