Snakes and Ladders: Game Changer Slot Features

Snakes and Ladders: Game Changer Slot Features

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
Snakes and Ladders Game Changer Slot Features

In Snakes and Ladders: Game Changer slot, you will find 20 lines on the 5×3 reels. It will deliver a bonanza of up to 5,000x the stake, which means up to $100,000 cash. RTP is at 96.10% but unpredictability is high. The features included inside are wilds, a Game Changer board which can bring you a Toco Toucan reward, Squirrel Monkey reward, a Loot Ladder through unique scatters and a multi-level Pot bonus.

Betting and Prizes

Pick the bet that you can manage, keeping in mind the high instability nature of this slot. $0.05 is the starting point while Snakes $20 is the highest you can go.

Depending on the amount that you’re wagering, the big stake worth can change, yet there is a 5,000x cutoff to your. Given a large enough bet, it could bring you up to $100,000 cash from a spin. It has high unpredictability but it additionally has a nice RTP of 96.10%.

Snakes and Ladders: Game Changer Slot Features

There is a genuinely long list of potential features that the game can deliver and among the different extra games, there is likewise a substantially more typical wild image present. The S&L logo is appeared in it and it is the image which can convey the slot’s top wins of up to 5,000x the stake, all from a single combination formed.

The Game Board is the outer area of the reels, so the images found on reels 1 and 5 or at the base and top of reels 2-4. There are sure images which are permitted to be there, to give you access to a reward feature.

When the bonus, the images found in reels 2-4 will be taken out. Depending in the images you get in the game territory, there can be trails appeared, of 5 Toco Toucans, 5 Squirrel Monkeys or 3 Loot Ladders. The logo images get a X alongside the number 10.

To play Snakes and Ladders: Game Changer, you click on the pair of Dice to give them a roll. The amount appeared on the dice, says how far you will go on the board, and you get paid based on where you land. In the event that you don’t land on an image but on one of the logo images, at that point you don’t get anything, however you lose a daily existence there. The feature ends once you arrive at an awful area (logos with Snake Eye, Double or Quits, Roll Even, Take Prize, double trouble), though sometimes you actually get an opportunity to proceed.

It’s a genuinely complex feature but fortunately you don’t have to see any of it to start playing it.

Theme and Design

It depends on a game of snakes and ladders, and a large number of its images will show it. I wouldn’t expect much from the design they’ve utilized, it’s somewhat dated for my taste but on the off chance that you like its features, it’s not too bad to be an issue.

Images utilized in this one will give you symbols with the S&L logo, a couple of dice, bananas, coconuts, pineapples, avocados alongside logos, squirrel monkeys and Toucan birds.


Snakes and Ladders: Game Changer may work for a player that appreciates the genre but the features are too complex. Reading rules before you understand what’s happening doesn’t seem as though great game design.

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