Smart move by the city officials

Smart move by the city officials

It’s something that none of the areas around Urbana – not even close, has seen. It is a video gambling machine, and all they need is their government’s blessing and signature on the license to be able to bring it in and start making money and making people happy.

Tuesday night will be the night when the authorities will bet for the law to be accepted and from 20 candidates 12 will need to be positive in order for the machine to arrive in Urbana.

The owner of the biggest casino in Urbana plans to bring 5 machines to the town and spread them across his casinos with the analysis estimating that the machines will bring $210 000 in the next two years.

It is a crucial moment in the careers of the casino owners because they find it difficult to work with the current number of machines around their casinos, and if this law is not accepted by the government, than many of the casinos will be closed and they will have to search for other businesses to earn money from.

Gambling terminals and positions where the people can bet has risen from 22 in 2012 to 54 in the current year, and may go downhill if there are not enough machines, and if the low will not be accepted by the council.

There were two different opinions in regarding this issue that caused this topic to be prolonged for discussion throughout the years. One side people think that this is a good way to pay the community workers and fill up the debt gaps in the state, which is understandable and plus one big income for the state, while other people think this is odd way to collect money from people. They fear about the people’s health and the addiction that the site will create in people’s lives. They state that the life of one person is more important than small income to New Jersey’s budget, and that they have enough money from tourism already. They agree that they can adjust their budged for many other areas that already needed coverage, but this is a strange and not human way of collecting money.

The response from the people who are pro against opening an online gambling site for the last several year is that there already are people who are gambling in New Jersey, and that the money that these people give annually could have already went to their budget and used in something within their region, and now those money are sent and collected by private sites around the world and the neighbor sites.

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