Slot Vegas Fully loaded Slot Review

Slot Vegas Fully loaded Slot Review

Posted on September 8, 2021 by in Gambling
Slot Vegas Fully loaded Slot Review

It is the new product of Big Time Gaming. We may call it a slot Vegas Megaquads. We have checked all the functions and features in the slot but failed to find any usual functions. The makers tried their best to promote the products in the market. According to the latest updates, the purpose of this slot is to dedicate to Las Vegas. Overall, it has consisted of a lot of fun and excitement for us.

Reels & RTP

There are 4 reels in the complete slot machine. It showed that you have a very little area to use with 256 lines. You may increase the lines to 16,777 206 after playing well. Unfortunately, the makers once again failed to add the best amount of RTP. We have only a 96.61% amount in this slot. But, the presence of outstanding jackpots and extra reels increased the value of the game.

Slot Vegas Fully Loaded Betting and Prizes

After knowing all the basic features, the 2nd purpose of viewers is to see the betting range. It has started from only 20 cents to $20. It is a piece of magic news that you may use the 16 million ways to win in a single game. If you played well in the entire game, no one could stop you from winning the 4500x the stake. But, it would help if you had a lot of experience for these kinds of purposes.

Slot Vegas Fully Loaded Slot Features

It is a surprise option to know only 4 reels and 256 pay lines in the slot machine. All the sets of reels have been attached to the 16 million pays of line. It is available vertically and horizontally all the time. There are also some premium symbols to increase the number of multipliers. The random rounds are also started from 1x to 100x. Do not worry, and the regular wilds will fall between the 2nd and 4th reels.

The Rainbow wilds will do the work of alternate. But, you have to put more effort than the usual when they fall between the 2nd and 3rd reels. I want to ask you why the bonus features demand the Rainbow Wilds present one after the other. After that, the sets of reels will mix up. It will give you 8 reels instead of given 4 ones. If you have any experience, random and wild symbols will come to your side on the 4th and 5th reels.


Most of the scene has taken from the Las Vegas area. The presence of city sights on the back screen of the game released a big attraction for the viewers. These kinds of images and symbols will use to make the pairs and another purpose. There are the 6 regular Royals in the slot machine to show the top 4 symbols. We cannot ignore the role of purple diamond features. In the end, rainbow and regular symbols are enough to show the best ideas in features.


According to my own experience, I have checked all the functions and features in the slot machine. It is a good product to add nowadays. No doubt, it has a lot of risk for the users, but you may win if you picked the required features and utility in the middle of time.