Sixers interview with D’Angelo Russell

Sixers interview with D’Angelo Russell

76ers by this time are aware of the players they will select for their first pick for June 25th for their draft on the NBA. They will get an upgrade on their selection as they hit a jackpot in Tuesday if they get the draft lottery and with this they will be able to move up and have a number one overall pick.

From the information received, players who played in China this season are said not to attend. This players include Jahlil Okafor who played for Duke, Emmanuel Mudiay andKarl-Anthony Towns who played for Kentucky. The omission of the three of the players who made the top four draft prospects from the scouting is not as big as it has been said by people.

It is evident that the Sixers has placed much efforts on the drafts sometime after the summer started. They are now said to be in the Windy City where they are working on the 62 prospects who are undergoing measurement, testing and drills for two day. This is being held at Quest Multisport Complex. On Wednesday at hotel downtown, players began doing interviews as well as having their medical checkups.

On Thursday the Sixers are said to have an interview with D’Angelo Russell who is a former Ohio State Standout. The projected lottery picks will be interviewed as well who are said to be currently Chicago. This was based on a reliable source of the league pertaining the team.

Sixers are said to be interested in selecting a combination of guards that is all –American. Russell who is so much interested in playing in the NBA as a point guard seems to have luck on his side as he has made it to being one of the four players who have been picked by the Sixers.

The Sixers finished the league third in the league. They also set the worst record of 18-64 and as result of this they have 15.6 percent opportunity to on having the overall top pick. Russell has a good record whole playing for Ohio State this season as the player who is 6-foot-5 of height has an average of 5.7 rebounds, 19.3 points, with 41.1 percent average on three-pointers as well as 5.0 assists.

They however have minimal chances on getting two of the first round picks that are on the draft. They have rights to ten of the protected picks of Miami Heat as well as top-five pics of those of Los Angeles Lakers. Both these two teams have recorded the worst records as well with Lakers with fourth worst record and Miami Heat with the 10th worst record.

The team is said to have held interviews with Kevon Looney of UCLA and Stanley Johnson who is from Arizona and are also planning to interview Tyler Harvey and Chris McCullough