Sin of Playing With Money

Sin of Playing With Money

To relax mind from daily routine and to earn money without doing work then people prefer to play Gambling. Gambling is a sin of wagering of money. An event which is occurred with the gaining of additional money then it is called as Gambling. In some countries gambling are played legally with the knowledge of government. Gaming control board regulates and controls gamblers who play gambling. Nevada gaming control board is popular and best among other gaming control board since it strictly follows the rules and punish gamblers who play illegally. In ancient days people are afraid to play gambling game since it leads to loss of wealth and even make sick. In recent days it is played to relief from stress and anxiety. Gambling is the international game and played legally in some countries with permission of government. Gambling game is played in all religion. In Mahabharata the historical war is created due to the game gambling.

In ancient days Gambling is originated from Europe and China and the most popular gambling game is blackjack, craps, baccarat and roulette. Craps is the dice game played during ancient days. The method of playing craps is by rolling a pair of dice where gamblers bet on the event occurred on the outcome of roll. Baccarat is also ancient days game using card game is played. In card game the total number of card is 52 in each package. Roulette is an ancient days gambling game played in casino where gamblers bet on the color and numbers. Roulette is played by spinning the wheel and then allows the ball to rotate in opposite direction of the wheel rotation. The ball rotates and falls either on color or on number and the wheel stops rotating. The gambler who had chosen color or number is given bonus. Blackjack is played using cards and also called as twenty one. Muslim follows a law called sharia law which means playing gambling is sin and harmful and leads to loss of wealth. Punishment for playing gambling by sharia law is one year of prison and fine for the organization who allowed playing gambling which is the illegal act. Hence playing gambling is sin and harmful.

There are different types of gambling games they are table gambling and electronic gambling are the ancient days game. Table gambling is played in a top of a board which as flat surface. The ancient games craps, baccarat, etc are table gambling game. The electronic gambling game starts by spinning the reels such as slot machine game. The other non casino games such as lotteries, bingo, dead pool, pull tab and scratch cards are played outside the casino and are also a gambling game. The other commonly played gambling games are coin tossing, dice based game such as liar dice, threes, backgammon, etc., which are played outside the casino. Gambling game is not only played in casino but also played in online by enabling internet connection. Due to development in technology many website provide playing gambling via internet which provide bonus and jackpots to the gamblers.

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