Shoot the Ball to Score Goal

Shoot the Ball to Score Goal

Basketball is the both indoor and outdoor game. Basketball is established in the year 1891 by the college physical education professor Dr. James Naismith. Basketball is played in the rectangular coach between two teams. Each team contains five players. The first player is known as point guard who is fastest player among the team and control the basketball ball. The second player is known as shooting guard mainly long ranged player and guards the opponents. The third player is known as small forward plays actively and score points. The fourth player known as power forward often plays with their back to the basket. The fifth player is called as centre uses height and size to score the points and also protect the ball from the opponent team. Basketball is played by shooting the ball in to the basket. The main requirement of the basketball is basket and ball. The basketball is made up of rubber and wrapped in the layers of fiber. The basketball ball is covered with leather, rubber and synthetic material. The basketball court is rectangular court officially made up of tiles at the end.

The professionally organized basketball game is played in wood or maple. Basketball basket is vertical attached with the backboard. A backboard is attached to the basket. A backboard is the scoring board which displays the score of each team. The basketball basket is made up of steel rim and diameter is in 18 inches. The illegal act of the player to the opposite team is called the personal foul. The player who is not following the rules and regulation of the game is called a technical foul. The more the technical and personal foul of a team disqualified and the opposite team wins the game. The technique followed by the basketball player is shooting, rebounding, passing, dribbling and blocking. Shooting is the process of throwing the ball into the basket. Rebounding is the process gaining a possession of missing goal. Passing is the process of changing the ball place from one player to another without giving it to the opponent team. Dribbling is the process of bouncing the ball with one hand continuously and shooting it into the basket. Blocking is the process of touching the ball and blocking it from the opponent team players.

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is the men’s basketball professional game held in North America. There are many countries participate in National Basketball Association. The winner of the play is rewarded with a trophy. Trophy is made up of gold and each player who scored high goals will be rewarded. The National Basketball Association participates in international club competition. There are more viewers to watch the league hence the ticket for the match is high in price. Media play a vital role and updates current news. The basketball is most popular game hence it is played via internet. Many website had developed fantasy basketball game. The fantasy basketball game is played by enabling the internet connection and as more viewers and players.

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