Seven 7s Slot Review

Seven 7s Slot Review

MicroGaming has started to add slot games from partner studios to their list, claiming them as their individual way, as they are exclusive to their stage. Crazy Tooth Studio is one of the several independent studios working with them, and with Seven 7’s we are seeing one of the more amazing casino slots released lately.  Innovation is clearly not a big issue for this studio, but you’d keep reading and find out all about the way this casino slot works.

First of all, you’re looking at a slog game that has one reel to start with, but through re-spins, it can extend to up seven reels. Get the game spot fully expanded, and the slot‘s single playline can from a combo that pays up to 250k USD or 25,000x. As with wild multipliers, expanding reels and only 3 symbols in total, Seven 7’s has a fine RTP of 96.60 percent.

Prizes and Betting

You can pay very small, to get the game started, just 0.20 USD being sufficient for that to occur. At the other end, we’ve to wager of up to ten USD that can be placed one spin. It might on look like it, since the casino slot has bets of up to 10 USD only, but Seven 7’s is capable of great things. Up to 250k USD can be paid in one spin, which would be the equivalent of a 25,000x stake.

The slot’s extremely high volatility is a given, and in general, you can expect about one in five spins to outcomes in a win. Ultimately, plenty of gamers will risk their balance with this one, but the reward potential is quite big, as, for the RTP, it is at 69.6 percent.

Slot Features

A new game platform, called Continuwin, is to blame for the new casino slots unique action. You start off with one reel position, which will provide you 1 of 3 possible symbols. It can be a seven symbol, a 2x wild multiplier or a bar logo. A bar is a useless option, acting as a block spot which does not pay anything. The 2x wild multiplier acts like a seven and it doubles the pay of the bet. It can just appear on reels two to six. It’ll not double the wroth of the top jackpots if you get that fat.

The seven is the single one that’ll form combinations. Land a seven on reel one, and the slot triggers a re-spin, where one reel is locked and a 2nd reel is added. If the 2nd reel has a seven or a 2x wild, then the re-spins go on.

With consecutive re-spins landing symbols of the type; you can get the combination of up to seven symbols, utilizing a maximum of seven reels. Winning combinations from with two to seven symbols, so you need the primary re-spin to bring back you the correct symbol, in order to win something.

Design and Theme 

The design and the theme of the slot is a classic one, you can tell based on the use of seven and bar symbols. The inspiration might from those antiques, but the visuals are advanced and extremely elaborate, so they actually look great. Quite elaborate, it seems like something among a Steampunk and an Art Deco-inspired look, quite very colorful as well.

Bottom line

All in all, Seven 7’s has one of the most unique game styles you’ll find anywhere, it is extremely volatile and it can make you rich, so there’re definitely fine reasons to check it out. Remember though, it is quite risky as well.