Serpent Shrine Slot Review

Serpent Shrine Slot Review

Serpent Shrine is an excellent slot of Relax Gaming with the help of Fantasma Games. They tried its best to post all the unique functions to clear the market. The review of the game has consisted of reels, pay-lines, multipliers, betting range and other information to increase the experience of players. The manufactures posted maximum potential into the slot with a couple of decent features. It would be best if you tried it to gather all the jackpots.

Serpent Shrine slot can use as online in the market of gambling. You must have to know the required software and application for it. We have seen that a lot of people do not know to run online games for betting. Online betting for slot became a habit for maximum gamblers.

Functions in the Slot

There are five reels in the game with the availability of pay-lines to cover the area of the game. It is up to the player how he increases the pay-lines by doing well. While on the other hands, the return to the player amount that is only 96% would be enough for players. He can win a maximum payout of 10,000x the stake by applying better methods on symbols and reels. Moreover, some hidden option of free spins, games, trigger and re-trigger always helped the player to overcome n faults at a crucial time.

Betting Range and Payout

No one can play any slot of gambling without paying something to the makers. You have to watch at the lower side of the slot screen to clear the amount of betting. We observed that most of the new player ignored the value of the betting amount. Experts of casino argued that you must know about your budget before to start any game. The range of betting for Serpent Shrine started from only $0.20 that is not a too big amount. On the next side, if you want to cover all the area of the game, then use $100 for playing the entire game. Moreover, use free spins and sports to enhance the final rewards. Here is the method to play the slot of Serpent Shrine.

How to Play Serpent Shrine Slot?

The function of the butterfly will begin to open all the locations of valuable symbols. It means that you must rely on the butterfly images. You will find it in the shape of wilds to make all the pairs and combo. These combos lead to enhance all the final rewards for you. After sometimes, the area of the game starts to increase for doing best on it. A new feature of the wild in the form of wild can obtain by getting the re-spins. Online betting is crucial for a high-risk game of Serpent shrine.

If you found that your required location unlocked then do not be late to do your trick. There are many wilds on the reels in the form of horizontal and vertical. Moreover, you will see that the butterfly wilds symbols begin to re-spins at the same time. In the final stage, the symbol of snake moves on the reels for making all the left combinations. Here is the theme detail of Serpent Shrine to know more than the past.

The Theme of Slot

The theme of the slot is an attractive one after a long time. We can say that it is a fantasy design. Snake and Villain are the main roles in the game to overcome all the symbols. The maker of play failed to get a real result at the start—the re-adjusted most of the functions to give an easy way to the players. A lot of symbols of gemstones, lamps and others make the game very interesting. Overall, the theme of the play is not too bad for all the users.


It is up to the player that if he wants to play it, then he has to face risk also. No doubt, the maximum payout is a good thing but the danger of coins to lose too. The locations of different kinds of symbols and images would be the main issue to resolve. I suggest to the players to pick it for a better result. Newbies must stay away from high-risk games.