Self imposed postseason ban for Syracuse men’s basketball team

Self imposed postseason ban for Syracuse men’s basketball team

Syracuse Basket Ball team is recently in news about their self-imposed a postseason ban to play the game. The announcement was due the response of NCAA investigation. It was a pending case before NCCA committee on infractions. To the press, the news released and spread over the orange city as viral fever. Syracuse University announced that it was a self report from the athletic department about the violation of NCAA rules in 2007. But not much player involved in the issue is played after 2012 tournaments. They even strengthen the rules and procedure and also take serious steps to improve the student -athletic support services.

Syracuse University had been investigated by the NCAA committee last on October 2014. The University appeared before the committee and also accepted the past mistakes. With this acknowledgement, the NCAA committee voluntarily registered the case and which results in the self imposed ban of playing the postseason games 2015. It also includes the restriction to play the tournament like NCAA Men’s Division tournament, ACC tournament and National Invitational tournament for one year. This ban has been a response of an internship program which scrutinized the new defunct program. It also includes other self imposed penalties that the University instituted which was declared at final report by the NCAA committee. The University in combination with NCAA had discussed the problem more seriously for eight years and concentrate on the potential violation rules. The internship program includes two things, that any player who participated in the games has done any compensation or penalties against the NCAA rules and regulation.

The director of the Athletic department university Mr. Daryl Gross stated that the internship program is a long process and also taking decision is also a very tough task. He also stated that his greatest disappointment is that the outcome will affect the current players who are not involved in the case. He added that he will be watchful of the obsessive and be loyal and confident to maintain the program to compete the highest national level and stay strong. He even is a loyal member of the Orange nation who looks forward for the postseason play.

The coach of men head basketball team Jim Boeheim stated that he was very much frustrated that their team had missed the chance of playing the postseason play 2014 -15. He also commented that he support and admits the decision and also acknowledge the past mistakes. Jim added the comment that they will rise to the challenge by withholding their program strong and progress to make their university self-righteous.

The faculty representative Rick Burton who was a new appointee said that the every Division I program is facing the confront and also it is to take a right decision by the student, faculty, staff members and University on this issues but they may try to close the particular chapter as possible and allow to focus on future. But the NCAA is not yet concluded the result, so the University can not disclose any additional information to the public with respect to the bylaws of NCAA committee.