Save money

Save money

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Save money at online casinos. Should I worry about my money?

Members online casinos often worry that their money can mysteriously disappear, a virtual institution does not want to comply with a request for withdrawal or, for example, specially customized slot machines at a loss.

Fears those with relatives superstitious fears, although they still are without some real foundation.

Choose a reliable online casino

Expensive License and constant oversight by regulatory authorities, makes it impractical any attempt to foul play. The complaint from the players carefully checked, even if it is a quite small amount. It is difficult to imagine that the online casino operator will risk his business, deliberately deceiving customers. Especially since the slot machines themselves differ a good level of profitability.

A player will never face the problems of preservation of money, if it was originally chosen to play an honest online casino . By the way, all the operators, who are in the ranking of the best gambling establishments that site – have a good reputation and never cheat their clients.

Do not refill your account via payroll cards

The risk does not come from an online casino and on various internet criminals. Under the guise of an honest virtual institution may be masked by fraudulent site, whose main task – to collect personal information about users. Particularly valuable are the data of payment cards, as they can be used to steal your money.

However, do not become a victim of fraud is not difficult. Firstly, for the game of slot machines and other games of chance – carefully choose the online casinos. Second, use a separate deposit to replenish the charge card, not used for any other purposes.

A good alternative can be a special open electronic wallets. Even if we assume that cyber criminals are able to access them, no real benefit from it, they will not receive. The main thing is not to keep these cards purse or large sums of money.

What if the money disappeared in an online casino

If your account suddenly disappeared for you money, you should immediately contact support. The sooner you do, the more likely that the money will be returned.

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