Saric again at the Tower

Saric again at the Tower

Posted on November 9, 2023 by in Basketball

Saric again at the Tower: I miss it my basketball Cibona

For the first time since leaving Cibona Dario Saric in Zagreb arrived as a player to put away the club. And against Cedevita, which is a year and a half took the best opportunity to win the ABA league. The rivalry continues.

– It has never been based on rivalry of hatred. And when they came to us in Istanbul, everyone picked up and welcomed – said Dario last night after check-in at the Westin Hotel.

– It will probably be in the Hall and Cibona to greet me with applause, but I hope it will all go pleasant and that me and other warm welcome – modestly added.

Nothing else should not even expect. It’s still one of the most popular Croatian athletes. Zagreb is his second home, but will not have much time to enjoy themselves.

– Just how much will allow the coach. I will be seeing my parents, I would like to find a girl, with a couple of friends. Oh, I’d love to immediately evening walk Flower Market, but we have dinner and watch footage …

– It’s really about the debacle that we have passed through, I do not know how they would react club owner, trainer … Neither we nor basketball Europe did not expect to get in this position to play in Cedevita, which is presented really great basketball and now has virtually a greater chance from US. They hit with foreigners, Babic played extremely well as a creator, and Bilan was dominant, it was even against us and Dunston, who has twice been the best defensive player of the Euroleague – analyzed Saric

He mentioned all the players, everyone has found a quality, but …

– We have a lot more quality toy and I hope we will show it.

In Ephesus he is much different than in Cibona, where he had all the powers.

– Sure I miss this role, but I’m not mad, I do not blame anyone. Now landmark on the tasks that we can coach and I’m trying to work on it. Cibona I was more confident, but I think I’m a better player now – says Dario .

I do not regret that he went to Turkey, he wanted to go step by step. Only…

– I’d like to do that kind of success to justify what they have invested in me.

But achieve it or not, next summer finally go to Philadelphia , to the NBA.

– It is up to me, and I want to go next summer. I do not know that I could make money to stay.

– It is not pleasant to hear what is going on, we all send messages to … I do not feel safe, but not threatened. Otherwise they would let us know where we can not move or we are threatened war. If one is afraid, let him not go travel to Istanbul, but I think there is no fear.

There will be five minutes Hezonjinih

Philadelphia 76ers on Tuesday received the first match after a record 27 losses in a row, and his teammate from the national team Mario Hezonja lost his place in the composition of Orlando.

– The Sixers are a young and very talented team. The results do not show real strength. You will again high ‘pick’ in the draft, and I hope that it will quickly find chemistry. Do not worry about them. About Hezonja hard for me to say because I do not know what happens, is you had a minor injury because he fell out of rhythm … But they have a good, young team, especially in his position. But the season is long, and I hope that he will get their five minutes and strengthen the composition.

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