Royals Diamonds Slot Review

Royals Diamonds Slot Review

Royals Diamonds Casino slot machine has more rewards for the gambler who liked to play online games. The review of the Royals Diamonds slot machine will give you a lot of information about the reels, pay-lines, betting range, multipliers, and final jackpots to provide all the necessary inputs. Furthermore, you can enjoy the highest volatility and features in the slot machine. On the next side, the classic theme would help the players to gain all the natural detail.

Royals Diamonds slot machine has a function to play online. Online betting is an excellent tool to get a maximum payout from the makers of the casino. Most of the players enjoyed online games than to play offline at the fixed stations of the casino.

Functions in the Slot Machine

Ainsworth posted only five reels as usual and twenty-five pay-lines to cover all the slot machine areas. These figures are enough to pick the maximum reward of 3,000x that is too good to amuse the gamblers. A lot of free spins and multipliers of 10x will give more edge to the users. All the fixed jackpots and Return to Player of 96% increased the value of Royals Diamonds. Here is the betting amount to unlock all the hidden functions of the game.

Betting Range and Payout

The amount of betting started from only 1$ to the highest of $20 to produce input to the gambler of Royal Diamonds. It is enough to cover all the pay-lines from maximum betting. You have an option to enhance the jackpots from 10x to 400x, which is a good payout for a new player. A wise player can boost all the rewards from the lower to the maximum by using different techniques. Free spins, multipliers, trigger, and re-trigger features are good to get the highest rewards.

How to Play Royals Diamonds Casino Slot?

If you control the wilds symbol at the initial stage, no one can stop to gain all the best rewards of the slot. It used to make all kinds of combinations and pairs. We can also take help to alternate the symbols of lower values to the value. In the middle of the Royals Diamonds slot, scatter will fall on the reels to release all the given free spins for re-triggering.  The range of free spins ended with twenty to increase the multipliers to 10x as well. All the multipliers increase in the same way in the center of reels.

You picked the bonus game through the Quad Slot, which is a real achievement for any gambler of the casino. You do not get these bonuses without having the Quad Shots. It also helped to get pairs and combo after matching all the five symbols. Wilds are the inputs to get the Shot Bonuses and five Royals. The players who know to play online casino slot have the best chance to improve themselves because of friendly functions related to online betting. Once you got the trigger option, then all the beneficial symbols will come to your sides without any interval. We only gave you the instruction of the game and not a hundred percent responsible for the rewards. It is up to the player how he has experience in the past. A new player must try the free games which have a lot of free rounds and spins in the slot of the casino.

The Theme of Royals Diamonds

The Theme of Royals Diamonds showed the presence of classic features and the Royals to do something different than the past. Fruits symbols and layout of Royals Design could be the reason to allow the player to draw more than the fixed amount of jackpot. Royals used to change the values of lowers symbols to the maximum of the slot. Diamonds, eggs, luxury, and rings among the goblets also give maximum payouts.


We have not decent rewards and well prizes for a player.  Royals Diamond is an excellent game to play as online betting because of reasonable features in it. In the end, mean Return to Player and the decent option has some attracting things for a player. I suggest that the newbies stay away from these kinds of slots due to having lower payout at average Return to Player.