Roulette method of dozens

Roulette method of dozens

The dozen roulette method is one of the techniques that maximizes winnings easily. This roulette method gives players the opportunity to take part in their game in several different ways to increase their chance of winning. Indeed, players can play on a dozen and have the advantage of winning 2 coins, or playing on 2 dozen and get an extra piece. In case of loss, in the second case, players lose 2 coins.

Very similar to the roulette column method, this technique gives 2 out of 3 chances to make victorious shots at the roulette game. The dozen roulette method is quite simple and accessible to all players. It is not compulsory to have enough skillful knowledge to thwart the traps of chance and win. However, it is important to know how to choose the right martingale technique to recover losses.

Representation of the dozens at the roulette method

  • The first dozen (numbers 1 to 12) is represented by P12
  • The middle dozen (numbers 13 to 24) is represented by M12
  • The last dozen (numbers 25 to 36) is represented by D12

Dozens to roulette method: the principle and mode of operation

The dozen roulette method has for principle very simple and accessible to all the players. Just wait a distance of at least 9 dozens not out. Then, two game options are left to the players:

  • Play on the dozen not released
  • Day on two dozens of which the unreleased

In the first place, players can play on the dozen not out. To do this, they must simply apply a martingale on the dozen not out. Players also have the opportunity to play with the next martingale that will allow them to play as little as possible. However, this option does not make it possible to make huge profits.

In the other option, players can apply a classic martingale by doubling their losses each time. Certainly, this technique is much more risky, but it allows players to earn more money.

Second, the method involves playing two dozen at the same time, considering the dozen not out. As for the second strategy, players have a much greater chance of winning at roulette. However, players must play twice as much, in order to achieve their goals.