Roulette method of distance

Roulette method of distance

Posted on November 10, 2023 by in Gambling
Roulette method

There are great methods to win at roulette game. These techniques differ from one another according to their mode of operation. Thus, the method of the roulette of the distance consists simply of noting the distance between one exit and another of the roulette. It is therefore based on the philosophy of distance: that of the croupier and the initiated. For more information, read on!

Choice of “method” combination

It is necessary to start by noting a position of a number on the roulette wheel, then note the position of the number released. Finally, it is important to calculate the distance from the previous number. To simplify the calculation, it is interesting to know that each number has a precise value in the game:

0 = 0

32 = 1

15 = 2

19 = 3

2 = 4

Moreover, it is interesting to know that the number in green represents the position of the number before the face-off. While the figure in red represents the second number released.

When to apply the Roulette method of Distance?

Unlike other techniques, the mode of operation of the Roulette method of Distance is not so simple. It is important to rely on the technique of repeated distance in order to increase its success rate. Thus, players must wait twelve throws and observe if there is a repeated distance in these prints. For this, players must have consistent chips to make bets and generate more winnings. The latter must therefore provide for 40 pieces during the 36 turns, until the balls leave. It is of great importance that the players can stop at the exit of the winning number or after the 36 turns of defeat.

Roulette Method of Distance: some shortcomings

Like most techniques at the casino, the roulette distance method has some shortcomings. Indeed, it can be very difficult for players to make calculations between the distances between two games that sometimes seems very short. To do this, players must be very vigilant and remain focused all the way through a game of play. To derive much more advantage from this method at roulette, it is advisable to use it in land casinos. Indeed, this method is not at all applicable on an online casino.

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