Roulette column method

Roulette column method

Roulette is a game very present in the rooms of land casino but also online. It is much appreciated by players who are looking for great emotions. But, to make victorious blows to the roulette, it is important to apply some interesting strategies like the method of the columns. To learn more about this method at roulette, read this article.

What to know about the method of roulette columns?

This method of columns presents some similarities to the Dozens method of play , as both have the same advantage, namely two chances out of three by playing on two columns instantaneously. This Roulette column method involves betting on one or more columns at a time (two columns). However, the best known technique is that played on a single column to the European roulette which did not exist for a certain time.

Useful is to know that this old method of the column casters does not present satisfactory results because it can easily encounter a long series on the same column or the opposite, a column may not appear in a draw.

It is important to know that the roulette column method that is played on a single column applies with a martingale to recover all losses. According to many opinions, this old method of roulette columns is much more dangerous than the Hawks roulette method, or even worse. Indeed it is possible to have a series of the same column several times in a game and the possibility that this happens is twice as large as on the simple odds.

On the other hand, the roulette column method that is played on several columns (2) at the same time is much more advantageous, because it allows players to have much more chances to win during a game of play. That the players bet on several columns, the latter have 2 chances on 3 to win that to bet on a single column. This methodical roulette technique is very advantageous because it allows players to avoid a series of similar columns by crossing the columns played.

However, it is good to know that all the good methods at roulette, including that of the columns presents some shortcomings. Players must have a lot of money to double on two squares at the same time to optimize their chance at the method of columns at roulette.