Rory and Charlie

Rory and Charlie

Rory and Charlie are Christmas’ No.1

Golf version and golf games on Christmas are one of the most watched and followed games. Visitors from all around the world come to participate in this event and to watch the players battle for the most valued trophy. Just after completing his best season in his career yet, Rory Mcllroy was crowned as the “Christmas open” winner for the second time in three years, after failing to receive it last year. He will now enjoy the holidays with the most positive thoughts that he could have ever imagined – with the Christmas trophy in his hands shared with his lovely family in Northern Ireland.

His company is now having trouble allowing him to play earlier next season, because their contract will be in charge from February, so Rory has to pull out of the two China tournaments to be able to prepare and to play legally when he hits the court next year.

He is in Dubai at the moment for the last 10 days where he spent his time to relax and prepare himself for the season-ending World Tour Championship, where he was the winner two years ago.

But this time he has managed to win the title and the Race crown ahead of schedule. He showed the world how to put aside problems that are not related to the sport, and be a very good competitor. He commented that he was glad to be able to put things out of his mind and play the game that he wants. Don’t forget to check the online jackpot bet online forums and make yourself a Christmas and New Year’s bet. It may turn out to be the jackpot in your hands and you can be one of the many lucky winners of this.Mcllroy also commented that this is the first year that he has been able to do it, and he is enjoying it, with hopes of more years to come with the same energy. He added that it is almost like a holiday to get back on the golf pitch and on the tournaments and events while thinking solely about that and nothing more. On the other hand he says about the lawyers’ offices that it’s not the nicest thing and it takes away lots of time to get the job done.

Charlie isn’t any better than the male version of her, as her new No.1 trophy will be on her shelves to remind her how awesome 2014 was for her. He will have plenty stories for her children, managing to advance 6 positions throughout the year. There are not many thing to say more, just for you to enjoy your New Year’s Eve and Christmas break, and hopefully we will have an exciting golf playing in the new year as we did in this one, full of challenges and turnarounds, with less injuries.