Rome hosting the Olympics in the year 2024 which includes cricket

Rome hosting the Olympics in the year 2024 which includes cricket

The most interesting game which is highly seen by many people with much interest is the cricket game and it is the game which has not been added to the Olympics. People are highly expecting to add the cricket game to the Olympics and there was a very great analysis which has been made by the legends in the Olympics and finally an announcement has been made recently that this cricket game is about to be included to the Olympics very soon.

After this announcements are been made another news has been revealed out and it is that the cricket game is to be joined in the Olympics game in the year of 2024. It is the year in which the most familiar game which is cricket is about to be introduced to the Olympics and people are really eagerly waiting for this year to enjoy their game in the Olympics. Reports are saying that it is the great desire of many people which is to include the cricket in the Olympics and this news has made many people to fill with joy and happiness as their favourite game which is cricket is included in the great Olympics and the critics are saying that it will be a very great year which will make all the cricket players and also the great fans of the cricket to feel serious.

Another important news regarding this cricket news is saying that the great Rome which has won the chance to host the games. It is said to be a very great privilege which is been given to the Rome country and people in the Rome are really excited with this announcements which were made recently. The news says that this announcement has made the great Rome to be filled with joy and they are really enjoying their pride as they have won the chance which is hosting the games in the Olympics in the year of 2024. The president of the great Italian board has announced has said this information to the public and to the media and the reporters are saying that it is the result which was been highly expected by the people who are in the great Rome and it has made their dreams to become true which can be enjoyed in the year of 2024.

There are many comments which are being passed on this news and it is said that this Rome is said to be the most important and the very big city which is highly bidding in order to host the games in the Olympics in the year of 2024. There are three important places which have been mentioned in the report and they are such as the Paris, Los Angeles and also the Budapest. These are the great three important cities which will have the very great opportunity to greatly add the five great sports.

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