Robin Hood Wild Forest Casino Game review

Robin Hood Wild Forest Casino Game review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
Robin Hood Wild Forest Casino Game review

Robin Hood Tiger is another product of the Red Tiger which told the tale of the rich and poor in the slot. It is scheduled to release in March 2020 with various unique features.  The review of the Robin Hood Wild Forest consisted of the reels, betting range, payout, multipliers, symbols, and free spins also. All the functions and features in the slot are very interesting to play it for better result.  It showed the life of the jungle with the two different roles of society. The best online betting casino will be helpful for all the gamblers like the newbies and the formers.

Robin Hood Wild Forest casino slot can be played online with the help of the smartphone by downloading the required software and application for it. Here are the detail functions and features with all the necessary components of the.


The slot consisted of 5 reels and 10 pay-lines for it. All these available options will make pairs and combinations for getting high cash of 977x which is a good one for the users. Wilds symbols with the regulars added more to the account of the players. The Return to the Player settled by the makers of the game is up to 95.66% which is not a bad amount. The slot worked on the 3 main characters which are going to describe in the method to play the slot.

Betting Range and Payout

To find the betting range of the slot, look at the bottom of the slot where you will see the range of Robin Hood Wild Forest. The betting amount of the game begins from the only $0.10 to the $100 for all the investors of lower and highly paid. Do not worry by knowing the medium volatility of the game because most of the games of the same type functions paid very much to the users of the game. The RTP is lower than the expected amount in the minds of the players of the casino.

How to Play

Look at the wild symbol at the start of the game that is responsible to make the pairs and combinations with the help of the combo. It is used to replace the lower symbols into the highly paid ones.

In the next part, you must know the 3 symbols which will bring more round for you to play as wilds symbols. You can avail of these symbols by doing the option of the triggering in the same round of the slot.

The slot involved with the high-value symbols but is locked. When you got the other free symbols, these will automatically free for you. Robin symbol which is new will work better than the other symbols to get more symbols to maintain the party ongoing in the gameplay. Maid Marian started to send the kisses to the area of the game to convert the regular symbols to the wilds many times in the same round of the game.

The symbol of the small John will destroy the symbols which not needed the gameplay to change the available symbols into the paid locations. To play online is better than to play in the casino stations because it saves time.


We have seen these kinds of themes and slots before it and this product is almost the same as the last ones. It is beautifully designed but failed to add the new features and functions in it.  Red tiger added the symbols of the lions, bags of gold, caps, beer, and the Royals to give some creativity to the casino slot. Most of the experts of casinos argued against this product because the makers did not learn from the past result of the gambler’s traffic.


It is a good slot with all the functions but not unique, the RTP and the medium volatility would because to fail this slot in the casino market in the modern world of casino. Most of the wagers will stay away from this slot and they do not want to waste their money.

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