Rise of the Mountain King Casino Game Review

Rise of the Mountain King Casino Game Review

Posted on November 15, 2023 by in Gambling
Rise of the Mountain King Casino Game Review

Rise of the Mountain King Casino Game developed by the NextGen which is ready to go into the casino market for a better result at the start of 2020. The review of the game composed of the symbols, theme, graphic, Norse, betting range, payout, reels, pay-lines, and free spins information to give some pre-information to the gambler. The game is a profitable product for the users but they need to handle well.

Rise of the Mountain Casino game can be played by the smartphone in all over the world at home by downloading the software and the application which is required for the gameplay.


A gambler has the option to use the 5 reels with the 30 pay-lines given by the NextGen to make the combinations from the symbols in the slot. The maximum payout fixed by the makers of the game is up to the 50,000 which too high to clear the casino market versus the others. The Return to the Player of 96.31% is an average but some symbols forget this lower RTP due to the presence of high payouts. Free spins and multipliers are other tools for the user to get some benefit from it.

Betting Range and Payout

For all the given reels and pay-lines, the betting range from the users started from the $0.30 to the $60 to give them the mega jackpot of 50,000x. You can get more 100x multipliers from the free spins to get more re-spins from the wild symbols and scatters. Overall the game included some fun and source of entertainment.

Betting for only a single line settled with only $2 for the wager because the company wanted to get traffic from the new slot. Betting range, Progressive Jackpot, and RTP are the 3 key features to amuse the player or left in the trouble.

How to Play

The presence of wilds symbols released by the Mountain King will use for the huge jackpot trigger. The best feature of this symbol is to give the heavy payout to make the pairs and the alternate method without depending on the others. After that 3 symbols of wilds will come at the same time to give re-spin of Kings to lock the wilds. All the given scatters changed into the wilds, the first spin occurs; those features will automatically run to show wilder symbol options.

The feature which played a vital role in the presence of the Rising Multiplier to trigger the scatters of the Gemstones. Drop 3 to 5 symbols on the reels to draw the 250x the stake to start for 8 to 10 free spin for a better payout. Now, you have to collect the scatters symbols to go into the other level. Begin with free spins for wild extra multipliers of 5x.  The level 2 can give 10 free multipliers with the six gathered symbols, level 3 and 4 for 15x and 25x randomly multipliers while the 5th level released the 50x multipliers and 6 up to the 100x. Every extra multiplier can be obtained from the next level from lower to high. These multipliers gave some huge benefits to the gambler.

The method to play the slot consisted of all the required features and functions for better results. But, the real information can be getting by playing the real game as physically.


The theme of the Rise of Mountain King based on the graphics and Norse and little bit the presence of the cartoon. The icons in the reels, axes, Royals number, princess and troll are the signs of the popularity of the game to get more payout. It is a good collection for the casino market in 2020.


The slot of Rising of Mountain King is a useful and impressive game to play for the wagers in all the locations of the area given by the developers. Extra multipliers from the wilds up to the 100x, well RTP and the huge prize of 50,000, all added some more hope for best in the minds of the players of the casino.

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