Rio Olympics has more interesting on Golf game

Rio Olympics has more interesting on Golf game

Posted on June 17, 2024 by in Golf
Rio Olympics has more interesting on Golf game

Like other games in Olympics Golf is also the most watched sport and loved by fans and supporters from different parts of the world. Rio Olympics is all set and is going on with great energy and excitement with many countries in the list of participation for various games. News channels, news papers and other media give interesting news from Rio Olympics which is happening in Brazil.

Like other games Golf is also has qualifiers for the Rio Olympics in which the most expected have given disappointment and the least expected have proved their skills. In the qualifiers, unexpected things have happened that many players are making their mark.

Despite the dope test there are many players who could not do well in the qualifiers which decided their continuation in Olympics game. Once the game is on there are many interesting news about the players stealing the show in various games. United States is the country that tops the list so far with top Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.

Winning the game is not just brings name of the player but it is pride for the country to which the player actually belongs to. In Golf game the starts like Spieth and Rory are out of the game and there are some known starts that are going to shine beyond expectation.

Rickie Flower who is expected to be in Olympics is present for giving the best and the opening championship Henrik Stenson is also present. There are many players from top 10 are present for Rio Olympics and it shows that Golf game is going to be more exciting to watch this time. Everyone expects that Golf in Rio Olympics this time is going to be the best than the previous matches held this year in various tournaments.

Rickie Fowler will be there. So will Open Championship winner Henrik Stenson. Bubba Watson and Danny Willett round out the four top 10 players in attendance. And it certainly sounds like the golf is going to be better and more fun than has been played up over the last month or two.

Golf players of various countries say that they have been waiting for this for very long time and participating in Olympics is really a great dream come true for them. They added that they have had severe practice sessions to stand out in the tournament. Thrashing various levels to advance to the next level to win Gold is the main focus for them. Those that qualified in the qualifiers are happy with their result but they are looking for their best to win Gold medal.

There are some players for them participating in Olympics is their dream and Rio Olympics is the first time Olympic tournament chance for them which itself is great excitement for them.

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