Richard Hughes

Richard Hughes

Richard Hughes is currently priced as one of the most significant figures in Horse Racing world

This Saturday Richard Hughes will be the guy who will secure his place in the hall of legends after a great career full with three wonderful Flat titles in 27 years of racing. The last game will be the Goodwood race on Saturday, which will put an end to this legendary career. The 42 years old jockey will be returning to the Horse racing world after only a few months break, but this time in the coach seat, and will try to write the next chapter of a book that is written over two millennia.

When it comes back to his racing career, his trainer had so many good words to say, adding that he was doing better than anyone expected. He was fit and stronger than before. There are rare numbers of horses that could go from an eight months therapy and injury strait to the racing grounds of a major tournament and race. The whole team is looking above him and they are hoping for the greatest comeback in modern history of Horse Racing.

One thing that set Richard Hughes off the racing tracks was an injury that he received in a race that took place in the Donn Handicap called Eclipse Award held in April 2014 after a collision with the inner wall in the second lap of the race. The whole team said that it took way longer than they all had expected and the recovery is slow but now when they sow the results on the training they were all amazed, and if they could have went on a race earlier with Lea, they wouldn’t have done that because he did a good job in the recovery field.

Only one that has same number of trophies as Richard in the Hal’s Hope is Chatain who had 2007 and 2008 trophies in his stands, but he is not in the race to cause any problems to the returner on the racing ground.

The injury as well as several other happenings in the last few years has forged the final decision that Richard Hughes has presented to us this last week. He was an outstanding performer for the ones who remember him in his golden days, he was doing pretty good lately as well despite few injuries and his older age, and I am pretty sure he will be one of the beast coaches around, as he knows all the techniques, and has been in the horse racing world for almost three decades now. Let’s wish him a successful career as a coach, and many trophies for him and his racers.